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Davis, Peter Hadland

  • GB235 DPH
  • Collection
  • 1944 - 1985
  1. Folder of illustrations
  2. Letter from J.E. Dinsmore (January 11, 1945)
  3. Folder of family photographs
  4. Map of Turkey (1973)
  5. Folder of various loose prints and mounted photographic/artistic material
  6. 2 boxes of negatives and prints
  7. 2 boxes of negatives and contact prints
  8. 1 box of transparencies
  9. 1 box of medals
  10. 3 degree certificate scrolls
  11. 1 box of transparencies
  12. 5 boxes of correspondence with contributors of Flora Turkey Accounts
  13. 1 vol. of Turkish meteorology
  14. Block of Flora of Turkey map
  15. Flora Iranica funding application
  16. 1 box of correspondence regarding collecting trips to Turkey: 1954, 1957, 1962, 1963, 1965, 1975, 1982, 1983.
  17. Correspondence regarding collecting trips to Morocco (1970), Algeria (1971), Iran (1974), N. Africa (1975), Brasil (1976), Ghana - cancelled (1978)
  18. Itineraries and maps of various plant collectors in Turkey
  19. 1 box containing general correspondence regarding Flora Turkey project including:
    o SRC 1961-1976 (cost of project in that time)
    o SRC 1961-1976 (grants and claims)
    o SRC reports 1982-1985
    o NATO grants
    o Composer and EUP
    o Senior Research Fellowship
    o Box containing correspondence with Edinburgh University Press and Authors, vol.1-7 Plant geography of the Middle East
  20. Flora of Turkey book reviews
  21. Synopsis of costing of Flora of Turkey project
  22. P.H. Davis various Articles
  23. Diary of a visit to Leningrad in 1959
  24. Seed and bulb lists (various) and subscribers
  25. Steedman Ramage/ Curator Bonis correspondence (access restrictions apply)
    26.Varia, C.V. and obituaries

Davis, Peter Hadland

Helen A. Milford collection

  • GB235 MHA
  • Collection
  • 1934 - 2002

•Copy of Milford’s obituary printed in the ‘Quarterly Bulletin of The Alpine Garden Society’, Vol.8, No.4, December, 1940, Vera Higgins, MA (ed.) pp.14-15
•Note book containing field notes from an expedition (1934-35)
•Correspondence regarding Milford (1992 -2002)
•Copies of a newspaper article mentioning Milford’s expedition to Durban, South Africa, ‘Rare Wild Flowers Collected: Botanist from England Tour Basutoland’, The Natal Mercury, 25/03/1935
•Photograph of ‘Helichrysum Milfordiae’
•Wooden box containing glass plate negatives

Milford, Helen A.

Humphreys, Dr. G.N.

  • GB235 HUM
  • Collection
  • 1932

•1 box containing papers relating to an expedition to East Africa, Ruwenzori Mountains, (1932)

Humphreys, Dr. G.N.

McDouall Album - Album of watercolours and photographic prints of E. Africa Rift Valley and Angola attributed to N. Douglas McDouall

  • GB235 MND
  • Item
  • 1904 - 1909

Album is attributed to Nigel Douglas McDouall of Logan and includes:
East Africa Rift Valley: January-June 1909; 77 photographic prints, 33 watercolours and 5 pencil studies through the territories of the Uganda Protectorate (Uganda), Congo Free State (Democratic Republic of the Congo) and the North Western corner of German East Africa (Rwanda)
Angola: May-October 1904, 29 watercolours, 4 views from the Africa West Coast steamer with the remainder being landscapes, vegetation and portraits of local people in the south west highland area.
Mediteranean views - 15 unlabelled watercolour views of the Mediterranean, probably Spain, including coastline views, highland scenes, a village scene and 2 views of roads through arid landscapes featuring local people.

McDouall, N. Douglas

Olive Hilliard collection

  • GB235 HIL
  • Collection
  • 1826 - ?

one folder entitled 'Olive Hilliard's notes on the complex herbarium specimens of J.F. Drège from South Africa' containing "The Innocent's Guide to the Collections of Drege, Ecklon and Zeyher", reprints and copies of reprints: Drege, Ecklon and Zeyher, 'Numbered collecting stations/Standorter-Verzeichniss der von C.L.Zehyer in Sudafrika gesammelten Pflanzen'; Ecklon, C.F. 'Plants found in the District of Uitenhage...1829-30' from South African Quarterly, 1830; Drege, Witteberg, etc; Drege, J.F. 'Standorter-Verzeichniss der von J.F.Drege' - "Drege Area 1" and "Drege Area 5b"; "Drege's Journeys"-Kirby, Percival R 'Early Professional Museum Collectors in South Africa' in South Africa Museums Association Bulletin, 1942; 'Herbarien der sudafrikanischen aussertropischen Flora zu haben bei J.F. Hamburg'
Hilliard's Botanical pencil illustrations are held in the Archives: 16 A4 binders covering Scrophumariaceae to Manuleae; Pseudo-selago; Selago; Gesneriaceae; Agalmyla; and one box of Streptocarpus. (shelf J:1:1)

Hilliard, Olive