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Catherine F. Glen's pressed wildflowers collection

  • GB235 GLE
  • Fonds
  • 1927 - 2009

1 Jenner's shoe box containing:

  • 11 jotters of pressed wildflowers made when Catherine was 14 years old in 1927/28 for the Girls' Guildry (now the Girls' Brigade) Edinburgh 17th Coy.
  • list of the flowers in the 11 jotters
  • 2 letters:
    --7th September 1945, Roland Edgar Cooper to Miss C.F. Glen - thank you for sending sprays of heather - RBGE hoping to propagate and name them - shorthand writing on the reverse, and the envelope has been kept.
    --6th September 1948, Roland Edgar Cooper to Miss Glen acknowledging receipt of her 'very fine contribution ' of heather on the 31st August 1948.
  • modern photograph showing Catherine Glen in old age.

Glen, Catherine F.

Charles Cardale Babington Ephemera

  • GB235 CCB
  • Collection
  • 1841 - 1862

• A catalogue of the plants gathered on the islands of North Uist, Harris and Lewis during a botanical excursion, (August, 1841).
• Copy of Syllabus Botanical Lectures (1862)
• Two letters to Parnell dated 1847 and 1848
• Two letters to the Botanical Society dated 1841and 1843

Babington, Charles Cardale

Charles E. Foister papers

  • GB235 FOI
  • File
  • 1879 - 1976

Copy of lecture paper sent to Miss Noble with covering letter; Cards containing corrections to lecture; Extracts showing tables of locations and quantities of various fungi compiled by Stevenson in 1879; Extract of list of plant diseases recorded in Greville’s “Scottish Cryptogamic Flora”, 1823; List of 8 types of virus (?) and their quantities added by Boyd in 1924; list as follows:
•1 letter dated January 8, 1976 to Miss Noble regarding the manuscript of the talk “History and Developments in Scottish Botany V. Progress in Mycology”.
•15 page typed manuscript on the “History and Developments in Scottish Botany V. Progress in Mycology”, with handwritten corrections.
•7 handwritten topic cards relating to the M/S
•2 handwritten notes 0n Numbers of Fungi Collected by Stevenson (1879)
•4 printed pages relating to Distribution Chart; Stevenson’s Mycologia Scotica (1879)

Foister, Charles Edward

Charles Robert Darwin

  • GB235 DCR
  • File
  • 1809 - 1882

3 misc. items with references to: Charles Robert Darwin

  1. Copy of Tribute to Dr. Wm Pitcairne, Pres Roy. Coll. Phys. (original complete copy filed under "Pitcairne, Dr. Wm.)
  2. Copy of Edinburgh University Darwinian Society; Syllabus for Session Nov. 1891 – Mar. 1892 (original filed with "Balfour, J.B.," correspondence under "Darwin"
    3.Syllabus of Three Lectures; “Charles Darwin and his Works” by Prof. Ray Lankester

Darwin, Charles Robert

Cicely M. Crewdson Collection

  • GB235 CRE
  • Collection
  • 1935 - 1964

1 photo album marked 'Vol 2' containing 42 prints of alpine plants; 2 separate prints mounted on card (Cyclamen repandum and Primula reidii); and 3 RHS certificates dated 1947, 1959, and 1964

Crewdson, Cicely Maud

C.L. Cocker Notebook

A notebook, approximately 4 x 6 inches, was received by the Archives of the Royal Botanic Garden Library, Edinburgh in 2005. It lists first flowering dates of alpine plants grown in the Garden during 1899. The importance of this record is that it fills a gap in the observations of flowering made at the Garden from 1850 to 1939. These historical records are proving valuable in the increasingly important science of phenology, which is the study of seasonal events in relation to climate change.

The first page of the notebook bears, in ink, the name ‘C.L.Cocker’ (Clement Lumsden Cocker) and ‘Alpine plants’. Apparently later annotation expands (in pencil) the title to ‘Record of Alpine plants flowered in the R.B.G. Edinburgh during the year 18.99’. There is also what appears to be an accession/library number ‘OX 37.59.30’, the meaning of which is not clear.

Cocker was employed at RBGE from 12 December 1899 to 5 April 1901, as we know from his employment record (Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh Staff, v. 1, p.102) held in the RBGE Archives. Fortunately the notebook was accompanied by a letter of appointment, dated 2 December 1899. Cocker was previously employed by Mrs N.G.Clayton of Chesters, Humshaugh in Northumberland, and in 1901 went on to be Outside Foreman at Colesbourne.Park, Cheltenham, Gloucs.

The early pages of the book are laid out in columns across each double-page spread, with date (presumably of first flowering), name of plant, authority, family, country. The earliest records date from February, and the latest – on the back cover – are from July. It is not clear why the record does not include January, since plants were regularly recorded in flower in that month up to 1895. Towards the end of the book the double-page spread is abandoned, and each page lists date, name and family only. The total number of plants recorded is 748, of which about 30 are now being monitored in the current (since 2002) phenology research programme at RBGE.

If the date on the title page of the notebook is correct, it seems that Cocker did not himself make the observations recorded in the notebook. The handwriting is neat and consistent, meaning that the records were probably not written out of doors. One possibility is that, as a new employee, he was given the task, possibly on dark winter mornings, of writing out someone else’s observations, either to make a neat copy for an official record (in which case, why did he retain the notebook?), or as a way of getting to know the range of plants grown in the Garden, and when they could be expected to flower. This might also explain why the record ends arbitrarily in July, on the inside back cover of the notebook: if the notebook was meant mainly as a training exercise, it would not be particularly important when it was abandoned.

The notebook might well represent a continuation of the programme of observations, the results of which were published from 1850 to 1895 in the Transactions of the Botanical Society [of Edinburgh]. For 1895 the list contained 40 taxa, and 14 of these appear in the 1899 notebook. Some others may have flowered before February, or after July 16th. From 1906 flowering was recorded weekly.

Important results are emerging from the current phenological monitoring in the Garden, and these owe their value in part to the extensive historical record for some species, which provide a baseline against which to judge current observations.

G. Harper

Cocker, Clement Lumsden

Col. Edward Madden Plant Collection List

  • GB235 MAD
  • File
  • 1849

•Collector: Col. E Madden – list of numbered Himalayan Plants from Simla Lits mountains to Kumaon & Tibet named (mostly by M.P. Edgeworth) Almorah 1849, remainder named by Bentham, G; Munro, Major W.; Strachey, Capt. R.; Winterbotton, J.E. in some cases by collation with Herbarium Wallich – Filed under “Madden, E” in general index; in the form of 28 leaves, sewn in a paper cover]

Madden, Edward

Collecting Books of David Irvine

  • GB235 IRD
  • Collection
  • 1949 - 1994

3 small notebooks numbered 1-3, and a letter
1:"Herb. Irvine 1"
Collecting Book 1 - Nos 1-862 1949-1965; incl. St Andrews, Bangor, Anglesey, Isle of Man, Eden Estuary, Aberystwyth, Merioneth, Pembrokeshire, Capri (Italy), Brittany (France), Galway, Mayo, Manitoba (Canada), Cape Cod (Massachusetts), Orkney and Voe (Shetland)
2:"Herb.Irvine 2"
Collecting Book 2 - Nos 863-1847 1964-1968; incl. Anglesey, Pembrokeshire, Portsmouth, Dover-Folkestone, Cramond Island, Dunbar, North Berwick, Scilly, Devon and Paignton
3:"Herb.Irvine 3"
Collecting Book 3 - Nos 1848-1940 (Misc Order) 1963-1969 inc. Firth of Forth?
4:letter from Linda M. Irvine which accompanied herbarium consignment, filed in RBGE Archives Accessions folder under RBGEEA2015/23

Irvine, Dr. David E.G.

Collins, Ernest Jacob (1878-1939)

  • GB235 CEJ
  • Collection
  • 1878 - 1939

1 box of general correspondence, photographs, floral diagrams and correspondence between Darlington, Hall and B.L. Burtt about Collin’s material.
1 box of drawings and descriptions of crocus

Collins, Ernest Jacob (1878-1939)

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