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Hooker, Joseph Dalton

  • GB235 HJD
  • Collection
  • 1817 - 1911

•Printed Memoir of Dr. Thomas Charles Hope
•Extract from the Caledonian Mercury of 27th October 1845 article by J.D. Hooker (+ photocopy)
•Copy of extract from Linnaean Society of London, General Meeting, dated 21st December 1911
Hooker, Jos. D / J. Hutton Balfour
•Letters, dated 1842, 1876 & 1880 and copy letters dated 1855 -1880 from Jos. D Hooker, to J. Hutton Balfour, are filed with “J. Hutton Balfour” papers under “Hooker, Jos. D”.
Hooker, Jos. D / I. Bayley Balfour
•Copy letters between 31 July 1901 and 23 April 1902 from I.B.B. to J.D.H. , are filed with “I. Bayley Balfour” corres. under “Hooker, Jos. D”.
Hooker, Jos. D:
i. Letters to to Dr. Thos. Anderson 1860 – 1868 in 2 vols. filed under “Anderson, Dr. Thos” (110 letters) – Box 1
ii. Letters from W.J. Harvey (Dublin), dated 2 June 1860, to Hooker (? Jos. D. or ? W.J.), re;Nuttall’s Herbarium – item 182 in Box 2 of “Anderson, Dr. Thos” corres.
iii. Letter from A. Henry, dated 22 Oct 1861, to Hooker (? Jos. D. or ? W.J.), - item 115 in Box 2 of “Anderson, Dr. Thos” corres.
iv. Corres. With Sir Geo Watt filed with “Watt, Sir Geo” papers - Box.
v. 4 letters, dated 1871 – 1875 filed with “Henderson, Col. Frederick” papers –Box
vi. Letters between 1871 & 1880 to J.H. Balfour filed with “Balfour, J.H”, Supp. corres. “H”
vii. Letters, 1901 – 1903 from I. Bayley Balfour filed with “Balfour, I. Bayley” under “Hooker, Jos. D.”- separate folder.
viii. Letters, dated 1886 & 1904 – 1909 to I. Bayley Balfour filed with “Balfour, I. Bayley” under “Hooker, Jos. D.”- separate folder.
ix. Letter to Hooker, dated 1st of September 1902 from Richard T. Baker, (The Technological Museum, Sydney), re; copy of a work on Eucalypts presented to Director Kew, filed alphabetically in main index under “Baker, Richard T.”
x. Printed Botany Examination Papers (2), dated 9th August 1854 & 1858, set by J.D. Hooker, filed under “Hooker, Jos. D” in general index.
xi. Letters, dated 1880 – 1902 to I. Bayley Balfour filed with “Balfour, I. Bayley” under “Hooker, Jos. D.”- Separate folder.
xii. Letter to Dr. Jos. D. Hooker, dated 1st May 1862, “On the Fossil Plants Discovered by Dr. Lyall in Greenland” from by Oswald Heer (Zurich).- in Hooker, J.D. folder
• letter from Joseph D Hooker to Charles Ransford, May 29th 1846, found in cuttings collection, now in Hooker, J.D. folder (15/03/2016)

Hooker, Sir Joseph Dalton

Lyall, David

  • GB235 LYA
  • Collection
  • 1817 - 1895

•List of plants collected in Vancouver Island, 1858-61, and adjacent U.S. Territory filed in “L” (Box 2)

Lyall, David

Professor Robert Graham papers

  • GB235 GRR
  • Collection
  • 1818 - 1908

Graham, Prof Robert (1786-1845), Regius.Keeper. 1820-1845
•2 boxes of correspondence, notes and papers
includes reprint given to Graham in 1841 by De Jussieu: "Note sur des Fleurs Monstrueuses d'une espece d'Erable" by Adrien de Jussieu, extracted from Des Annales des Sciences Naturelles, June 1841

Dates of creation: 1818–1908
2 boxes
Box 1 of 2
• GB235 GRR/1 Ms. copies of correspondence, “Transcribed from R. Brown’s Correspondence.3. in the Botanical Department of the British Museum”, regarding Robert Brown’s candidature for the joint offices of King’s Botanist for Scotland, Regius Keeper, and Professor of Medicine and Botany in Edinburgh University, 1819–1827. Correspondents include Sir Joseph Banks, George H. Baird (Principal of the University of Edinburgh), Patrick Neill, and Lord Melville; ms. copies of correspondence between Robert Brown and Robert Graham, principally on botanical subjects, “Transcribed from R. Brown’s Correspondence.1. in the Botanical Department of the British Museum”, 1828–1845.
• GB235 GRR/2 Typescript notes,” Dr. [James] Dunsmure’s MS. /Evidently note of Prof. Graham’s lecture”, 25 pp.; typescript notes recording other scientist’s views on plant structures and functions:[Achille] Richard, 29 pp; [Charles] Darwin, 10 pp.; Mr. [Joseph] Knight, 3 pp.; [Augustin] De Candolle and [Kurt] Sprengel, 2 pp.; [Thomas]Thomson, 3 pp.; [John] Smith, 3 pp.; [Henri] Dutrochet, 3 pp.
• GB235 GRR/3 Ms., plant notes, 27 pp; ms. lecture notes for winter course, 47 pp.; ms. notes for Compendium of British Flora, 16 pp., 1831; ms. letter from Robert Graham to W.H. Campbell, Edinburgh Botanical Society, 1 p., 1837. [Note: 29 letters moved to Campbell folder at Boc. Soc. Scotland]; ms. copies of correspondence, 1824–1841. [Originals filed under “Balfour, J. Hutton, sup. corres. under “Plinian”; “Hooker, W. J.”; “Hamilton, Dr. Francis”]; “Biographical Sketch of the Late Robert Graham,” by Charles Ransford (Edinburgh, 1846; “Description of several New or Rare Plants …”, by Dr Graham, Edin. New Phil. Journal, 1829–1832; reprint, Notice of Botanical Excursions into the Highlands of Scotland from Edinburgh this Season, 1833,” by Dr Graham, Edin. New Phil. Journal, 1833; reprint, “Account of Botanical Excursions from Edinburgh in Autumn 1839,” Robert Graham; Index Stirpium Officinalium ut in Horto Regio Botanico Edinburgensi, with ms. annotations, 2 copies, 1826.
Box 2 of 2
• GB235 GRR/4 Scrapbook, typescript, ms., and copies of papers and correspondence, and [brass?] printing plate: “University of Edinburgh, May 81, Lectures of Botany, Robert Graham, M.D.” Papers include typescript biographical sketches, typescript copy of Graham’s appointment as Regius Professor of Botany in the University of Glasgow by George III (Aug. 1818) and ms. and typescript copy of Graham’s appointment as Regius Professor of Botany in the University of Edinburgh by George IV (March 1820), testimonial letters supporting Graham’s appointment, and a reprint letter to Patrick Neill, Secretary to the Caledonian Horticultural Society, from Andrew Duncan, on the controversy about the location for a new botanical garden at Edinburgh, May 1820. Subjects of correspondence include the disposal of Dr Graham’s papers and discussions of botanical matters. Correspondents include J.H. Balfour, William Brand, Robert Brown, Sir Joseph Banks, Mrs. Graham, A. Menzies, and Sir James Smith.

listing by M.R.

Name access points:
George Husband Baird
John Hutton Balfour
Sir Joseph Banks
William Brand
Robert Brown
William Hunter Campbell
Augustin de Candolle
Charles Darwin
Andrew Duncan
James Dunsmure
Henri Dutrochet
Francis Hamilton
W. J. Hooker
Joseph Knight
Lord Melville
A. Menzies
Patrick Neill
Achille Richard
Plinian Society
Sir James Smith
Kurt Sprengel
Thomas Thomson

Graham, Professor Robert

Mitten, William

  • GB235 MIT
  • Item
  • 1819 - 1906

•Letter dated 29 Mar 1877 to Capt. Henderson, filed with papers under “Henderson, F”

Mitten, William

Dunsmure, Dr. James

  • GB235 DDJ
  • File
  • 1820 - 1845

2 typescripts:
1st script]"Dr. Dunsmure's M.S", Titled: "Evidently note of Prof R. Graham's lecture 'Plant Life'. 25 pages signed on page 24 as James Dunsmure.
2nd script] 29 pages - headed "Richard" on 'Vascular tissues'.
10 pages - headed "Darwin" - comparing plant anatomy to animal circulatory, vascular, glandular, muscular & nervous systems.
3 pages - headed "Mr. Knight" - on sap & buds.
2 pages - headed "Decadolle & Sprengel" - on cells and root.
2 pages -headed "Thomson" on sap.
2 pages - headed "Smith" on bark.
1 page - headed "Dutrochet" 1 paragraph in French referencing tissue permeability in plants.
3 pages referencing "Caesalpinus".

Dunsmure, Dr. James; Graham, Prof. R. (RK); [Dr. E Dunsmure?]

Hamburg Botanic Garden

  • GB235 HBG
  • Item
  • 1820 - 1822

• 1 short handwritten narrative regarding the foundation of Hamburg Botanic Garden by Prof. C. Lehmann between 1820 and 1822. There is no author's name or date but it is an expert description of the contents of the Hamburg Botanic Garden.

Hamburg Botanic Garden

The Garden

  • GB235 GDN
  • File
  • 1820 - 2014

Garden, The – It’s Formation and Furnishing
•Series of Lectures – presumably by Prof. I.B. Balfour – filed with “Balfour, I. Bayley” papers – Box 4 of “Miscellaneous Papers – lecture notes, etc”

Balfour, Sir Isaac Bayley

Hillebrand, William

  • GB235 HBW
  • File
  • 1821 - 1886

•(Tenerife) 3 letters, dated 1880 filed under “Henderson, Col. F”
•(Honolulu) 2 letters, dated 1866 -1867, to Dr. Thos. Anderson – items 112 & 113 in bound volume filed under “Anderson, Dr. Thos” – Box 2

Hillebrand, William

Parry, Cpt.

  • GB235 PRR
  • Item
  • 1821 - 1823

•Copy of letter from W.J. Hooker regarding a selection of plants from the Arctic Herbarium, put into Hooker’s hands by Capt. Parry, for publication in the appendix to Capt. Parry’s 2nd voyage (1821 – 1823).

Hooker, William Jackson

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