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Thomas Blaikie collection
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Note in French

Note in French detailing losses Thomas Blaikie incurred as a result of the French Revolution and total losses up to 1821.


Note in French

Note in French with 25 centimes franking mark. May possibly be signed by Laurarguais.


Print of Marie-Anne Charlotte Corday

Print of Marie-Anne Charlotte Corday entitled, 'Marie Anne Charlotte Corday, ci-devat Darmans Agée de 25 ans'. Portrait of Charlotte Corday, half-length, sitting at desk in her cell, holding a letter to her parents; in circle, with below a small figurative scene showing her assassinating Marat in his bath-tub. The portrait is in a black and gold painted wooden frame with a glass panel.
Another copy is held in the British Museum collection:
(Box 4)


Thomas Blaikie accounts book 'Comptes Particulier de B'

One green vellum bound notebook containing accounts for customers arranged by surname. A number of pages have been removed. The earliest entry is January 1789 and latest is June 1822.

Contains a loose handwritten note compiled in 2003 detailing the missing pages and method of their removal and noting that it was faxed to Pat Taylor. (Box 2)

Blaikie, Thomas, 1751-1838, gardener

Letter from James Lee to Thomas Blaikie

Letter from James Lee to Thomas Blaikie outlining concerns regarding payment for materials supplied and requesting assurances be given. Letter has also been annotated by Blaikie regarding payment.

Lee, James, 1754-1824, gardener

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