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Correspondence from and papers relating to Colonel Henry Halcro Johnston

  • GB 235 JHH
  • Collection
  • 1895 - 1992

•1 box of bequest and correspondence, Orkney, 1895-1992
•1 box containing Field/Collection notebooks from the Herbarium at RBGE, includes South Africa and Sierra Leone found amongst the A. Somerville archive, May 2009.

Temporary Numbering and Descriptions as follows:
Box 1 of 2:
• GH235 JHH/1 Correspondence, ms. and typescript, 1895–1939. Correspondents include Isaac Bayley Balfour, W. Edgar Evans, William Wright Smith, Subjects include collecting Orkney botanical specimens (subsequently presented to the Herbarium),the cultivation of various seeds (e.g., Tibetan “Trukchuka” barley, Poa flabellata, Carduus lanceolatus); newspaper cuttings, “The Educational Value of an Herbarium: Colonel Johnston and Nature’s Great Garden,” The Orkney Herald, 1 Sept. 1926; obituary of James Johnston, The Orcadian, 8 Sept. 1932
• GB 235 JHH/2 Correspondence and papers, ms. and typescript, 1939–1949, on H.H. Johnston’s bequest of specimens to the Herbarium, including the transfer of his Orkney herbarium from the Orkney Museum to Edinburgh. Correspondents include W. Edgar Evans, Geoffrey Evans, William Wright Smith, and Marie Johnston Steele. Includes obituary of H.H. Johnston (newspaper cutting), letters from various solicitors on the terms of H.H. Johnson’s will and bequest, and excerpt from “Trust Disposition and Settlement by Colonel Henry Halcro Johnston,” bequest to Regius Keeper, RBGE, typescript copy, 15 Jan. 1930.
• GB 235 JHH/3 Correspondence, typescript and ms., 1960–1992, on the disposition of H.H. Johnston’s papers and notebooks. Correspondents include Elaine R. Bullard, B.L. [Brian Lawrence] Burtt, H. R. Fletcher, W. Groundwater (Curator, Stromness Museum), Ian Hedge, R.C. Palmer, and Franklyn H. Perring (Botanical Society of the British Isles).
Box 2 of 2
• GB 235 JHH/4 Twenty-seven botanical field notebooks, ms.:
3 notebooks: Catalogue /Herbarium/South Africa: 1–434; 438–1455; 1456–1418 and Madagascar 1419–1822.
2 notebooks: Collecting Book/Sierra Leone: 3824–5627; 5648–5936.
22 numbered notebooks (no. 1 missing) of botanical specimens collected in Orkney by H.H. Johnston: Sept. 1914–Sept. 1938.

Johnston, Henry Halcro

Dr. F.R. Irvine papers

  • GB 235 IFR
  • Collection
  • 1927 - 1970

•Box containing papers, correspondence, microfilm and information regarding the 1970 accrual of index cards.
•Two boxes of collection field books
•One box of papers and correspondence on ‘Nutrition and Vitamins’
•One box of papers on ‘World Food Problems, etc. and Food Science’
•One box of papers on ‘Emergency Foods in Europe (except Britain and Russia)’
•One box of papers on ‘Emergency Foods - Britain’
•One box of papers on ‘Emergency Foods - Russia’
•Two boxes of papers titled ‘Emergency Foods – North and West Africa’
•One box of papers on ‘Emergency Foods – Central and South East Africa’
•One box of papers on ‘Emergency Foods – Middle East and India’
•One box of papers on ‘Emergency Foods – China, Malaya, Hawaii and Australia’
•One box of papers on ‘Emergency Foods – U.S.A.’
•One box containing two folders, one of papers on ‘Emergency Foods - Canada’ and one of papers on ‘Food Plants of U.S. Indians’
•One box of papers on ‘Emergency Foods Central and South America’
•One box of papers on ‘Commodity Plants’
•One box of papers on ‘Voandzeia (Bambarra Groundnut)’
•One box of papers on ‘Bee-Keeping in Africa’
•One box of papers on ‘Edible Earths, Snakes and Insects’
•One box of papers on ‘Cattle and Sheep’
•One box of containing two folders, one of papers on ‘Lizards and Mammals (East Africa)’ and one of containing a Zoo Aquarium Guide
•One box containing miscellaneous papers, papers on crop plants and bibliographies
•Six boxes of index cards and papers, divided from: Nos.1-50 (92); Nos.51 (93) – 80 (146); Nos. 81 (147) - 111 (212); Nos. 112 (213) – 134 (249); Nos. 135 (250) – 174 (313), Nos. 175 (314) – 183 (332)

Irvine, Dr. Frederick Robert

Helen A. Milford collection

  • GB 235 MHA
  • Collection
  • 1934 - 2002

•Copy of Milford’s obituary printed in the ‘Quarterly Bulletin of The Alpine Garden Society’, Vol.8, No.4, December, 1940, Vera Higgins, MA (ed.) pp.14-15
•Note book containing field notes from an expedition (1934-35)
•Correspondence regarding Milford (1992 -2002)
•Copies of a newspaper article mentioning Milford’s expedition to Durban, South Africa, ‘Rare Wild Flowers Collected: Botanist from England Tour Basutoland’, The Natal Mercury, 25/03/1935
•Photograph of ‘Helichrysum Milfordiae’
•Wooden box containing glass plate negatives

Milford, Helen A.

Humphreys, Dr. G.N.

  • GB 235 HUM
  • Collection
  • 1932

•1 box containing papers relating to an expedition to East Africa, Ruwenzori Mountains, (1932); papers seem to be those generated by RBGE Herbarium as opposed to Humphreys himself.

Humphreys, Dr. G.N.

McDouall Album - Album of watercolours and photographic prints of E. Africa Rift Valley and Angola attributed to N. Douglas McDouall

  • GB 235 MND
  • Item
  • 1904 - 1909

Album is attributed to Nigel Douglas McDouall of Logan and includes:
East Africa Rift Valley: January-June 1909; 77 photographic prints, 33 watercolours and 5 pencil studies through the territories of the Uganda Protectorate (Uganda), Congo Free State (Democratic Republic of the Congo) and the North Western corner of German East Africa (Rwanda)
Angola: May-October 1904, 29 watercolours, 4 views from the Africa West Coast steamer with the remainder being landscapes, vegetation and portraits of local people in the south west highland area.
Mediteranean views - 15 unlabelled watercolour views of the Mediterranean, probably Spain, including coastline views, highland scenes, a village scene and 2 views of roads through arid landscapes featuring local people.

McDouall, N. Douglas

Olive Hilliard collection

  • GB 235 HIL
  • Collection
  • 1826 - ?

one folder entitled 'Olive Hilliard's notes on the complex herbarium specimens of J.F. Drège from South Africa' containing "The Innocent's Guide to the Collections of Drege, Ecklon and Zeyher", reprints and copies of reprints: Drege, Ecklon and Zeyher, 'Numbered collecting stations/Standorter-Verzeichniss der von C.L.Zehyer in Sudafrika gesammelten Pflanzen'; Ecklon, C.F. 'Plants found in the District of Uitenhage...1829-30' from South African Quarterly, 1830; Drege, Witteberg, etc; Drege, J.F. 'Standorter-Verzeichniss der von J.F.Drege' - "Drege Area 1" and "Drege Area 5b"; "Drege's Journeys"-Kirby, Percival R 'Early Professional Museum Collectors in South Africa' in South Africa Museums Association Bulletin, 1942; 'Herbarien der sudafrikanischen aussertropischen Flora zu haben bei J.F. Hamburg'
Hilliard's Botanical pencil illustrations are held in the Archives: 16 A4 binders covering Scrophumariaceae to Manuleae; Pseudo-selago; Selago; Gesneriaceae; Agalmyla; and one box of Streptocarpus. (shelf J:1:1)

Hilliard, Olive

Peter and Euan Cox Diaries and Notebooks

  • GB 235 PEX
  • Collection
  • 1922 - 2012

The Peter and Ewan Cox collection contains the diaries and notebooks of Peter Cox, detailing plant collecting trips undertaken from 1962 until 2012.

The collection also contains two books of rainfall measurements taken by Ewan Cox as well as one note book relating to plants ordered from Logan Botanic Gardens.

Ewan Cox – (1893-1977) - Cox, Euan Hillhouse Methven (1893–1977), plant collector and gardener | Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (


Plant Lists

1922? ‘ Plants ordered from Logan’


‘Rain Fall’ - accounts? 1922>1932

‘Rain Fall – 1932-42

Peter Cox – 1930s


Turkey 1962 (unsure of author)

India 1965 (Not clear if Ewan but mentioned ‘Peter and I’ on 11th April

‘??? – 1967, Bookshop – 1976, RH. Conference – 1982’, Diary entries from Spain – 1967, requests for bookshop, names of customers? And diary entries from ‘RBG’ conference

China – 1981 – Also continues notes of seed+plants

‘Dolomites 1976’ – Unsure of author, contains entry from 15/9/1984

Nepal 1985

Bhutan – 1988

China - 1989

Sichuan – 1990

China – 1992

Contains photograph ‘Huan Rong, Lai Xuebo, Lai Han’

Yunnan SPR - 1992

Yunnan SPR – 1994

China 1995

Chile – 1996

Tibet - 1996

Yunnan – 1997

South Africa - 1998

Tibet - 1999(or 8?)

China – 1999

China – 2000

India - 2002

India 2004

China - 2007

Armenia – 2008

China - 2009

China - 2010

Georgia - 2011

China – 2012

Field notes?

‘1954>Notes’ – Author unclear

‘USA ETC’ 1974 (Continues into 1982?)

USA – 1978

‘IPPS’ – June - 1984

Nepal - 1985

China – 1986

China - 1986

Bhutan - 1988

Sichuan – 1989

China – 1990

USA - 1991

China - 1993

‘Field notes ETC 1992-4 – Yunnan, Tibet’

Tibet – 1996

China – 1997

Tibet - 1998

China – 1999

‘2000 – Base’ – Burma?

Australia/New Zealand – 2000

India – 2002

India - 2004

India – 2006

India – 2006 ‘No Field Notes’ – contains lists but no notes

China - 2007

China – 2012

‘Cult Book’ (Culture?) – 1980?

‘Seed Collected September/October 1978, Cox & Hutchinson.’ 3 pages a4, America, Mostly West Coast

‘Game Register’ – 1945-51

‘Hybrid Notes for book’

Cox, Euan Hillhouse Methven