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Noble, Dr. Mary

  • GB235 NOB
  • Dossier
  • 1911 - 2002

•Annotated transcript of correspondence between Beatrix Potter and Charles McIntosh of Inver
•Reprint of her article ‘Beatrix Potter, Naturalist and Mycologist and Charles McIntosh, the “Perthshire Naturalist”’, ‘Notes From the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh’ Vol.44: No.3 (1987)
•Papers re: Cryptogamic Society given by Dr. Mary Noble to Library filed in envelope in Folder under “Cryptogamic Society” (Box)
• letter from Mary Noble to Malcolm Wilson, RBGE, 9th November 1948, regarding her notes on and issues with Professor Muller's technique.

Noble, Dr. Mary

Oregon Botanical Association (1850-59)

  • GB235 OBA
  • Collection
  • 1850 - 1859

•Box containing accounts, minutes book and miscellaneous correspondence
•Box containing circulars and miscellaneous correspondence
•Box containing letters from subscribers
•Box containing miscellaneous correspondence and plant lists by Andrew Murray

Association for the Promotion of the Arboriculture and Horticulture of Scotland

Parkinson, Charles Edward

  • GB235 PCE
  • Collection
  • 1890 - 1945

•Box containing papers regarding South Asia

Parkinson, Charles Edward

Parry, Cpt.

  • GB235 PRR
  • Pièce
  • 1821 - 1823

•Copy of letter from W.J. Hooker regarding a selection of plants from the Arctic Herbarium, put into Hooker’s hands by Capt. Parry, for publication in the appendix to Capt. Parry’s 2nd voyage (1821 – 1823).

Hooker, William Jackson

Pearson, Henry Harold Welch

  • GB235 PHW
  • Pièce
  • 1870 - 1916

•Brief history of the life of Henry Harold Welch Pearson, up to 1902, and list of his publications (24.11.1902)

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

Prain, David (Kew)

  • GB235 PRA
  • Pièce
  • 1857 - 1944

Letter to [Gage] from Prain, (11th Dec 1909)
•Manuscript letter to D. Saville from Prain to the Government Cinchona Plantation, Sureil, Kurseong (7th Apr. 1902)

Prain, David (Kew)

Sadler, John (Principal Gardener at the Royal Botanic Gardens, 1879-1882)

  • GB235 SAD
  • Collection
  • 1837 - 1882

• Bound ms. notebook containing 64 lectures on botany, topics for weekly examinations, with 13 loose ms. sheets, principally plant lists, 1868–1877
• Flora of Edinburgh, by John Hutton Balfour, assisted by John Sadler, Edinburgh: Adam and Charles Black, 1863, with ms. corrections and annotations (title page changed to “Second Edition, 1871”; front cover label = “Flora of Edinburgh / Third Edition / Additions and Corrections”).
• Reprints of articles on Scottish flora, principally from Trans. Bot. Soc., including “Mr Sadler on the Flora of the Bridge of Earn,” 1862; “Mr Sadler’s Remarks on Boehmetria nivea,” 1870; Mr Sadler’s Report on Open-Air Vegetation,” 1879;” Notes on the Alpine Flora of Ben Nevis, Inverness-Shire,” 1879; “On the Flowering of Yucca gloriosa, L., in the Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh,”1880 (ms. inscription: “With J. Sadler’s Compts”); “On a Curious Form of Kohl Rabi,” 1880; Report on Notes on a Botanical Trip to Ben Nevis, Inverness-Shire, in July, 1876, by John Sadler, reprinted from the Gardeners’ Chronicle, March 17, 1877, 2 copies, 1 with ms. annotations and corrections; notice of publication of Gardiner’s [sic] Flora of Forfarshire, 2nd edition by John Sadler (1872); 4 reports on temperatures at the Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh, 1880–1882; copies of 2 letters regarding the appointment of a new Curator for the RBG (originals in “Balfour, J.H.”, supp. boxes under “Nicholson, G.”), 1878.
• Obituaries of John Sadler, including “John Sadler,” by Professor Bayley Balfour, Trans. Bot. Soc., 1883 (with typescript); “The Late Mr John Sadler,” by William Craig, reprinted from Berkshire Naturalists’ Club Transactions, 1882 (with typescript); typescript of notice in Gardeners’ Chronicle, July–Dec. 1882; typescript of entry in A Biographical Index of British and Irish; newspaper clippings of obituary; ms. letter from William Craig to “My dear Professor” [I. Bayley Balfour] regarding Sadler’s supposed sojourn in Bristol, 1905; ms. of “medallion” on Sadler’s tombstone (Warriston Cemetery, Edinburgh), which was erected “in affectionate remembrance by his friends in the Scottish Alpine Botanical Club,” 1884.
• Caricature: ink and watercolour drawing of 3 mycologists flying high in a mushroom-shaped hot air balloon. Inscribed: “Authorities high in fungi. 1872” in John Sadler’s handwriting.
• Index card: Sadler, John. 3 ltrs 1879/80 filed “Balfour, I.B.” papers under “Sadler, J.”

Sadler, John

Tony Schilling Collection

  • GB235 SCH
  • Collection
  • 1965 - 2005

7 boxes containing -
•Photographic notes (1965-1966)
•Trek diaries
•Field notes
•Immigration papers and trekking permits
•Notes on living plants and herbarium material sent to Royal Botanic Garden Kew (1965-1966)
•List of publications and papers
•Folders of articles
•Bowl made from leaves
•2 ceremonial Ghurkha knives (handle with extreme caution - scabbard has split)

Schilling, Tony

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