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Papers relating to Dr. William Arthur

  • GB235 ART
  • Collection
  • 1715 - 1922

1 box
• Typescript and ms. copies of papers and correspondence, including descriptions of William Arthur’s petition to the Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh, to practise medicine; Arthur’s involvement in the Jacobite plot to seize Edinburgh Castle in 1715; copy of indentures between Mr Patrick Arthur and John Pearson (ms., Privy Council Register, 1681); extracts from various publications on the history of Edinburgh and of the 1715 rebellion; reprint of “William Arthur, M.D., Botanist to the King in Scotland, 1715–1716,” by Professor Bayley Balfour, Transactions and Proceedings, Bot. Soc. of Edinburgh, vol. 26, part 4 (1914–15) right-click, open page in new tab: ; Arthur family genealogy.
• Scrapbook, including extracts from various publications on the Jacobite Uprising of 1715 and the attempt to seize Edinburgh Castle (see above); correspondence, including letters regarding William Arthur’s funeral expenses and burial, and correspondence regarding Arthur’s memoir on the failed attempt to capture Edinburgh Castle (1897–1915); historical notes on the rebellions of 1715 and 1745; genealogical documents on the Arthur family (of Elie), including copies of testaments and family trees. Typescripts with ms. annotations and mss.

Balfour, Sir Isaac Bayley

Papers relating to Sir Robert Sibbald

  • GB235 SIB
  • Collection
  • 1670 - 1922

•1 box of papers and a study of the Life of Sibbald, Dr Archibald Pitcairne (The first professors of medicine in the University of Edinburgh) also Charles Alston and John Hope.
•Copy of Doctor of Medicine R.S. ‘Provision for the Poor in Time of Dearth and Scarcity.’ Second Edition, ECCO Prints (2011).
Temporary numbering and listing (M.R.):
Box 1 of 2
• GB235 SIB/1 Typescript copies and photocopies. Sources include Peel Ritchie, “Early Days of the Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh”; Sir Alexander Grant, “Story of the University of Edinburgh”; Alexander Bower, “History of the University of Edinburgh,” 1817; Andrew Dalzel, “History of the University of Edinburgh,” 1862. Subjects include the establishment of a medical school and Chair of Botany at the University of Edinburgh; history of the Royal College of Physicians; founding of the Edinburgh Botanic Garden; misc. descriptions of Edinburgh sites, including the Palace of Holyroodhouse, Arthur’s Seat, and the Physic Garden (extract from “Historical Description of the Monastery and Chapel Royal at Holyroodhouse”); life of Robert Sibbald; burning of Sibbald’s house; pensions paid to Papists; outcry against Sibbald’s desertion of the Protestant religion (extracts from Sir John Lauder of Fountainhall, “The Decisions of the Lords of Council and Session” and “Historical Observes”, 1685); nomenclature of plants referred to in Sibbald’s History of Fife (extracts from Scots Magazine, 1803–1804; extracts from Sibbald’s Scotia Illustrata, with a description of the Edinburgh Physick Garden; transcript of letter from Sibbald on his “memoria Balfouriana,” June 1699; photocopy of note from W.W. Smith to J.T. Johnstone, on Sir Andrew Balfour, 1932; 2 photocopies of newspaper cutting on the unveiling of a plaque at Greyfriars Kirk to commemorate Sibbald, Sept. 1981.
• GB235 SIB/2 Ms. letter from Raymond Morris of Balgonie & Eddergoll to the Regius Keeper, on Robert Sibbald’s connections with Balgonie, Nov. 2003, and reply from Douglas R. McKean, Nov. 2003; postcard (aerial view) of Balgonie Castle, Fife; brochure with photographs and history of Balgonie Castle.

Box 2 of 2
• GB235 SIB/3 Binder, typescripts. Subjects include biographies of Sir Robert Sibbald, Dr. Archibald Pitcairne, Dr. Charles Alston, and Dr. John Hope; Charta Erectionis (in Latin), Charter of Ratification, and Regulations, Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh, 1685; Regulations respecting Medical Degrees of the University of Edinburgh. “The Author has occasionally inserted in his work Biographical Notices of various eminent Physicians and Surgeons, both in these Islands & on the Continent, who were contemporaries and correspondents of the Professors whose lives he has attempted to record.”
Note: “See the MS. volume in library, letters in pocket at back, referring to the provenance of the original work,” Sept., 1966.

Access points:
History of RBGE
History of Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh

Name access points:
Charles Alston
Sir Andrew Balfour
John Hope
Raymond Morris of Balgonie & Eddergoll
Archibald Pitcairne

Sibbald, Sir Robert

Dr. Robert Chapman Davie, correspondence and papers

  • GB235 DRC
  • Collection
  • 1911 - 1919

1 box containing correspondence and papers (1911-19) including details of Chapman Davie's will alongside a list of books bequeather to the University of Edinburgh Library (Botany Dept)
Temporary Summary Listing (M.R.):
• GB235 DRC/1 Correspondence, ms., 1913–1915. Subjects include Inula helenium in Mull, Culbin Sands, and Melampsora orchidis repentis. Includes “The Flora of the Culbin Sands” by Donald Patton, Trans. Boc. Soc. Edinburgh, reprint, 1914.
• GB235 DRC/2 Correspondence, papers, and notes relating to Stratiotes aloides, ms., 1911–1915. Includes hand-drawn map of Blackbank Pond (Puddock’s Pond), Creiff, and photographs of the pond with Stratoides aloides; draft ms. for “On the leaves of some species of Banksia; corrected galley proof for “On the leaves …” and for “Stratiotes aloides, Linn., near Crieff”; misc. notes.
• GB235 DRC/3 Notebook (ledger) listing plant material collected, Brazil 1914, ms. Includes 3 botanical photographs (liverwort, bracken); letter regarding the bequest by R.C. Davie to the Library and Botanical Department of the University of Edinburgh (includes excerpt from the will of R.C. Davie, dated May 1917), typescript, July 1919.

Davie, Dr. Robert Chapman

Adam Forman Sphagnum Moss papers and photographs

  • GB235 FOA
  • Fonds
  • 1916 - 1918

The collection comprises photographs and reports related to the gathering and preparation of Sphagnum moss, in and around the Moffat/Beattock area, S.W. Scotland, which was used as a medical dressing for wounds during the First World War.

Forman, Adam

Ludlow, F. and Sherriff, G. Collection

  • GB235 LSH
  • Collection
  • 1930 - 1952

This collection consists of material created and gathered from the expeditions of F. Ludlow and G. Sherriff, thought their expeditions of Bhutan and Tibet during 1933-1949.

The collection consists of 5 sub-series: plant documents, expedition documents, diaries, correspondence and visual material.

[1] This series consists of a variety of material which includes plant and seed lists from their expedition with a large focus on Primula, Meconopsis and Rhododendrons, as well as publications gathered by Ludlow and Sherriff which cover their shared interest in the Himalayan region and it's flora and fauna. There is also a garden register donated by the Knox Finlay family detailing the progress of plants/seeds in their gardens acquired from various expeditions including Ludlow and Sherriff's between 1951-52.

[2] This series consists of a variety of expedition documents ranging from itineraries and maps to administration lists and passports.

[3] This series consists of originals and photocopies of the diaries of Sherriff and Ludlow during their expeditions.

[4] This series consists of a variety of correspondence from and to Sherriff and Ludlow over the course of their expeditions.

[5] This series consists of a variety of material including: photographic material, films and videos. Photographic material ranges from prints and negatives taken by Sherriff and Ludlow to prints of digital images taken as exhibition documentation in 2014. The films are..... There have been dvd surrogates made of the films to ensure continued accessibility.

Ludlow, Frank

University of Edinburgh, miscellaneous papers and references

  • GB235 UOE
  • Collection
  • 1777 - 1946

•1 box of miscellaneous papers and references
•1 box of miscellaneous papers from the School of Rural Economy Establishment (1893-1902)
•1 box of miscellaneous papers from the School of Rural Economy Classes (1891-1897)
Temporary Summary (M.R.);
3 boxes
Box 1 of 3
• GB235 UOE/1 Papers and correspondence, including statistics on the Botanical Class in the University of Edinburgh, 1777–1859 and 1860–1871, 2 pp. and ms. in J.H. Balfour’s hand, 4 pp.; request for Prof Balfour to prepare questions for a botany exam, 1 p., 1892; typescript copy of Town Council Proceedings on Dr Balfour’s proposal for the University Herbarium, 1 p., 1849; typescript, photocopies, and ms. papers and correspondence on the Museum of the University and on university bursaries, 1874–1946.
• GB235 UOE/2 Papers and correspondence on university teaching staff appointments, financial records (e.g., class expenses, the Fee Fund), and research facilities. Includes reprints of course syllabuses for Edinburgh University and Edinburgh University Lecture-Extension Association; correspondence with I. B. Balfour (originals in Balfour, I. Bayley correspondence), 1879–1922.
• GB235 UOE/3 Papers, including reprint of “Interlocutor and Opinion by Lord Wellwood … against The University of Edinburgh” (the Presbytery of Edinburgh sought to recover from the university 3 volumes that were said to contain the original records of the Presbytery between 1586 and 1603), 1890; “Address to the Students of Medicine,” 1780(?); “Record of Students Who Studied in the Edinburgh University Department of Agriculture (1885–86 to 1900–01), 1902.
• GB235 UOE/4 Abstracts of reports on University Library, 1906–1911, 5 printed reports; general regulations regarding class or departmental libraries, 1911; typescript list of books bequeathed by Captain R. Chapman Davie to the university, 1919. [removed from here in March 2022, and placed with Chapman Davie's papers as they include correspondence relating to the bequest and an excerpt of his will.]
• GB235 UOE/5 Correspondence on the teaching of botany to women, typescript and ms., 1892–1906, including copies of letters to I. B. Balfour and photocopy of one letter (in French) to J. H. Balfour from V. Duray (1869). Correspondents include J. Kirkpatrick, A. Crum Brown, Prof Simpson, Louisa Stevenson.
• GB235 UOE/6 Correspondence regarding the Scottish Arboricultural Society and the teaching of forestry in the university, typescript and ms., 1890–1920.

Box 2 of 3
Papers and correspondence regarding the establishment of the School of Rural Economy (founded 1894).
• GB235 UOE/7 Ms. correspondence with I. B. Balfour, 1894. Correspondents include A. Mackenzie and Robert Laird, Scottish Horticultural Association; ms. of class list for Horticulture Class, 1 p., 1895; typescript of prizes awarded by Scottish Horticultural Association, 1 p., 1895; Syllabus for course of lectures on the Vegetable Garden, 1893; “Constitution and Bye-Laws, Syllabus for Session 1896 and 19th Annual Report,” Trans. Scottish Horticultural Association, 73 pp., Edinburgh, 1896; “Royal (Dick) Veterinary College Prospectus”, 103 pp., 1893–94.
• GB235 UOE/8 Ms. and typescript correspondence with I. B. Balfour, 1893–1894. Correspondents include Prof Taylor, Sir William Turner, R. Stewart McDougall, James Macdonald, A. P. Aitken, and Mackenzie and Moneur (Hothouse Builders); typescript “Report to the Board of Agriculture for the Session 1894–95,” 6 pp., 1893–1895; ms., James Macdonald’s scheme for day and evening agricultural classes; misc. ads for lecture series, 5 pp., 1895; misc. drafts of proposed syllabus and curriculum schemes, 6 pp.
• GB235 UOE/9 Correspondence, including ms. letter from the Subeditor, Journal of Horticulture, to I.B. Balfour, 1902; typescript memorandum, 7 pp., 1895; printed drafts with ms. annotations regarding curricula for day and evening classes, 1895–1896.

Box 3 of 3
Papers and correspondence regarding the establishment of the School of Rural Economy.
• GB235 UOE/10 Papers and correspondence regarding vacation courses in agriculture for schoolmasters, 1891–1895. Includes reprints and typescript drafts of memorandums with ms. annotations by Professor Robert Wallace; ms., typescript, and copies of correspondence, 1894–1895. Correspondents include I. B. Balfour, Robert Wallace, and James Macdonald; printed prospectuses and syllabuses of classes for students of agriculture, 1885–1891.
• GB235 UOE/11 Papers and correspondence, 1894–1896. Ms. and copies of correspondence between I. B. Balfour and James Macdonald; printed notices: lectures, examinations, regulations, prospectus and syllabus; ms. and typescript class lists and examination results; ms. financial records, 1896.
• GB235 UOE/12 Papers and correspondence regarding vacation courses in agriculture for schoolmasters, 1896–1897. Ms. and copies of correspondence between I. B. Balfour, R. Stewart McDougall, and Robert Wallace; printed time-tables of vacation classes, copies of examination papers; typescript report on vacation classes, 1897.

Name access points:
Isaac Bayley Balfour
John Hutton Balfour
A. Crum Brown
J. Kirkpatrick,
Robert Laird
James Macdonald
A. Mackenzie
R. Stewart McDougall
The Presbytery of Edinburgh (Church of Scotland)
Royal (Dick) Veterinary College
Scottish Arboricultural Society
Scottish Horticultural Association
Prof. Simpson
Louisa Stevenson
Prof. Taylor
Sir William Turner
Robert Wallace

•Copy of ‘Quasi cursores; portraits of the high officers and professors of the University of Edinburgh at its tercentenary festival, drawn and etched by William Hole’ (1884)

University of Edinburgh

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