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Forrest, George
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Baber, Edward Colborne

  • GB235 BEC
  • File
  • 1843 - 1890

E. Colborne Baber ‘Royal Geographical Society Supplementary Papers Vol. I. Part 1: Travels and Researches in Western China’ London, 1882

Baber, Edward Colborne

Farrer written material, box 5; Burma expedition with Euan Cox

Box 5: 1919-1920; includes correspondence to family and Aubrey Herbert, 1919 - includes references to Frank Kingdon Ward and George Forrest; telegrams from RJF to his mother, 1919; correspondence to family, 1920; letter from Farrer to Sir Francis Younghusband, 13/09/1920; correspondence from Isaac Bayley Balfour and William Wright Smith of the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh to Farrer and family, 1917-1924; general correspondence, 1920, correspondents include Lionel de Rothschild, Postmaster Gye? J.T.O. Barnard, and William Purdom; folder of ephemera including telegram, ticket to Rangoon, diary entry and Burmese travelling times and Regulations for dealing with tribes; copy of Gardener's Chronicle including article by Farrer, 1921-22; notes written by Farrer's mother regarding instructions and dispatches from Farrer; plant / seed lists, including identifications from Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh; Farrer's supply lists; information relating to E.H.M. Cox, including, copies of few diary pages, maps and letters from Farrer to Cox; and various maps of various dates relating to Farrer's collecting localities.

Farrer Family

Fraser, Capt. L.D

  • GB235 FLD
  • Item
  • 1901

•Capt. L.D. Fraser. ‘Military Report of Yun-Nan: Part III, Route Book’, Calcutta,1901. (Belonged to G. Forrest so stored with Forrest collection)

Fraser, Capt. L.D.

Map of the Upper Salween used in George Forrest's article in the Geographical Journal, 1908

  • GB235 FRG
  • Item
  • 1908

one map used in Forrest's article describing the geography and people of the Upper Salween during his visit there with Consul George Litton in late 1905. The article was published by the Royal Geographical Society in 1908 with this accompanying map, and again by the National Geographical Society in 1910.

Royal Geographical Society

Primula papers

  • GB235 PRI
  • Collection
  • 1886 - 1928

•Box containing miscellaneous notes and papers (Source: Balfour, Smith and Fletcher Reference Collection)
•Box containing bound Reference Books (Source: Balfour, Smith and Fletcher Reference Collection)
•Box containing British Reprints (Source: Balfour, Smith and Fletcher Reference Collection)
•Box containing Foreign Reprints – ‘A-Q’ (Source: Balfour, Smith and Fletcher Reference Collection)
•Box containing Foreign Reprints – ‘R-Z’ (Source: Balfour, Smith and Fletcher Reference Collection)
•Box containing Primula Conference Reports: 1886, 1913 and 1928 (Source: Balfour, Smith and Fletcher Reference Collection)
•Box containing ‘The Genus Primula Gardener’s Chronicle’ (1928)
•Box containing ‘The Genus Primula’ – Typescript Papers: ‘A-E’
•Box containing ‘The Genus Primula’ – Typescript Papers: ‘F-N’
•Box containing ‘The Genus Primula’ – Typescript Papers: ‘O-Z’
•Box containing miscellaneous photographs
•Box containing a bound collection of photographs with an index
•Box containing miscellaneous photographs – Sherriff reprints by R. Adam and the Royal Horticultural Society. Etc.
•Box containing misc photographs – reprints by R.M. Adam and photos by R. Eudall
Primula/ Ludlow
•Collection of books, papers, reprints, Photographs, etc. on PRIMULA; apparently used, and added to, in succession by I.B. Balfour, W.W. Smith & H.R. Fletcher, is filed in boxes under “Primula” in Main Index
•Papers/reprints include material by I.B. Balfour, W.G. Craib, A Ernst, G. Forest, R. Farrer, Ludlow & Sherriff (photographs), J. McWatt, W.W. Smith, F. Kingdon Ward, G. Watt, Per Wendlebo, et al.

Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (Creator)

Sir Isaac Bayley Balfour Collection

  • GB235 IBB
  • Collection
  • 1870 - 1930

•1 box of correspondence with The Royal Scottish Arboriculture Society
•1 box of correspondence with the Annals of Botany
•1 box of correspondence with The University of Glasgow
•1 box of correspondence with Sir David Prain(1857-1944)
•2 boxes of correspondence regarding the Rodriguez (Transit of Venus) Expedition (1874) Papers
•5 boxes of correspondence including miscellaneous papers, reprints, lectures and drawings, regarding Socotra
•26 boxes and 1 book of correspondence with various people and organisations
•2 boxes of miscellaneous personal papers
•1 box of miscellaneous papers regarding applications for chairs
•2 boxes of miscellaneous lectures and lecture notes
•1 box of miscellaneous notes, extracts, reports and addresses
•1 box of plant lists and local plant names
•1 box of post-retirement correspondence with Sir William Wright Smith(1875-1956)
•1 box of miscellaneous papers, reprints and notes
•1 box of papers regarding the Botanic Society Edinburgh Billets 1836-76 (Isaac Bayley Balfour’s personal copies)
•1 box of various distribution maps and schematic drawings
•4 boxes Isaac Bayley Balfour 'grandfather’s' papers and notes [I believe 'grandfather is likely Isaac Bayley Balfour, and it's how the donor referred to him, as opposed to it being IBB's grandfather] - to one of these boxes ("box 8 of 16") has been added (June 2019) an auction catalogue from Dulau and Co. Ltd. "Recent Useful Gardening Books"; "Botanical & Horticultural Works from the libraries of the late Sir Isaac Bayley Balfour FRS, C. Harman Payne FRHS, William Watson of Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and other sources" No. 132, Part I, October 1925.
•1 box of M/S papers – monograph on figures
•1 folder of a collection of original drawings by John Nugent Fitch(1849-1927), for Botany of Socotra
•Personal diary of a visit to Socotra in 1880
•1 box of reprints and correspondence regarding Socotra
•I.B. Balfour ‘New Species of Rhododendron’ (copy belonged to G. Forrest so filed in the Forrest collection)
•3 letters dated 1877 -1878 from Joseph Decaisne, to I. Bayley Balfour filed with “Balfour, I. Bayley” correspondence under “Decaisne, J”
Correspondence from Archibald Dickson, (brother of Prof. Alex. Dickson, Regius Keeper 1880 -87) re: late brother’s affairs dated 1889 filed with “Balfour, I. Bayley” correspondence under “Dickson, Archibald”

Balfour, Sir Isaac Bayley

Willis, John Christopher

  • GB235 WJC
  • Collection
  • 1868 - 1958

•Copy of ‘Sherardian Professorship of Botany: Application and Testimonials of J.C. Willis’ (18 Nov 1919)
•6 boxes of papers and correspondence (1914-1935)

Willis, John Christopher

Wilson, E.H. (Arnold Arboretum)

  • GB235 WEH
  • File
  • 1876 - 1930

•Three folders containing three prints of Flora of Western China collected by E.H. Wilson
•Folder containing list of E.H.Wilson's Seeds from China - list compiled from information found in the Plant Incoming Register: "Outdoor Department 1-02 to 10-12", seed sent to Edinburgh by John Stirling Maxwell in 1907

Wilson, E.H.