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Fletcher, Harold Roy
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George H. Cave Collection

  • GB235 CAV
  • Collection
  • 1896 - 2008

Temporary listing and numbers by box and folder:
Box 1 of 3
• GB235 CAV/1 Folder: "M/S Journal of tours and misc. notes, 1 of 2":
Ms. journal copy of voyage on S.S. Goorkha, Gravesend to Calcutta, 18 Sept.–25 Oct. 1896, 15 pp.
• GB235 CAV/2 Folder: "Tour notes, 2 of 2":
Ms. letter to Mr Cave from (?), Botanischer Garten, Heidelberg, on seeds, 1 p., 1911; ms. plant notes, including “Duties of the Seedboy and notes on Magnolia campbelli", 3 pp.; 2 postcards depicting primula by Mary Gill.
• GB235 CAV/3 Folder: "Corres with H.R. Fletcher":
Correspondence from H.R. Fletcher to Mr Cave, 5 pp., typescript, 1957. Subjects include Cave, Ribu, and Rhomoo collections in the Herbarium, and a map of Sikkim. Rhomoo Lepcha and Ribu Lepcha headed up a team of collectors who followed William Wright Smith and G.H. Cave’s botanical explorations in Sikkim, 1909–1910. Ms. note: “Cave’s MS. List of Collections, etc. are in the Herbarium; Cave’s Sikkim map is in the map cabinet.”
• GB235 CAV/4 Folder: "Sikkim tour notes, etc":
Typescript, “Identification of Specimens /Collected by G.H. Cave in the Zemu and Llonakh Valleys of Sikkim, 3 pp., 1947; ms. notebook of “Identification of Specimens …”; faded photograph of G.H. Cave.
• GB235 CAV/5 Folder: "Passes and Travel Information":
“Notice. Travellers’ bungalows in Sikkim and the Darjeeling District,” 1922; ms. letter of permission for Sikkim pass and Sikkim Pass issued to G.H. Cave, 2 pp., July 1903; hand-drawn map of Sikkim; letter authorizing Mr Watt of Aberdeen (and G.H. Cave to accompany him) to see rhododendrons, 1 p., May 1925; ms. notes of itinerary route into Sikkim, 2 pp.; ms. plant notes, including seeding of rhododendrons, 4 pp.; “Short Note on the Religion, Castes and Languages of Inhabitants of Nepal for the Guidance of Census Officers,” with ms. annotations, 2 pp., July 1900; Census Circular No. 10 of 1900,” with ms. annotations, 3 pp., Sept. 1900.
• GB235 CAV/6 Folder: "1.Lists of Plants, 2.Notes on Orchids of Sikkim":
Notebook, ms. lists of plants (provisional checklist of plants of Sikkim, Darjeeling? damaged corner - rodents?); “Notes on the Orchids of Sikkim, etc.,” 2 copies, 1912; ms. 'Notes on Sikkim Orchids', 15 pp.; ms. notes on state of horticultural training in Bengal and scheme for future course of training, 33 pp.; ms. notes on monthly tasks in the garden; ms. financial proposals, 2 pp.
• GB235 CAV/7 Folder: "Misc Correspondence";
includes: “Influence of Parks and Gardens and Open Spaces in Civic Developments, by A.E.P. Griessen, Agricultural Department, United Provinces, 1927; ms. letter from James Cromar Watt to G.H. Cave with photograph of Magnolia globosa in flower, July 1938; photocopy of George Sherriff photograph of primula removed and added to Sherriff photo collection.
• GB235 CAV/8 Bound map of Sikkim showing the routes William Wright Smith and G.H. Cave took in 1909 and 1910 (published by the Surveyor General of India, May 1906).

Box 2 of 3
• GB235 CAV/9 Folder: "Correspondence on Indigenous Plants" includes:
Ms. “The Darjeeling Forests,” by J. Sykes Gamble, 28 pp.; ms. letter from William Wright Smith to G.H. Cave, 1913; ms. letter from Dr A. Robertson [Prochowski?] to G.H. Cave listing desired plants growing in Darjeeling, July 1912; ms. notes on various plants, including daphne and juniper; ms. essay on Equisetum.
• GB235 CAV/10 Folder: "Corres with W.W.Smith":
Correspondence from William Wright Smith to G.H. Cave on Sikkim plants, 1910–1948, ms., including typescript page of “Primula Sections Published”; 1 typescript letter from J. S. Gamble to W.W. Smith, with list of Sikkim species of genus Arundinaria, 1911; photograph of G.H. Cave.
• GB235 CAV/11 Folder: "Garden Survey":
Ms. “Alphabetical List of Garden Survey / names followed by numbers,” 98 pp.

Box 3 of 3 - Diaries
• GB235 CAV/12 Folder: Diary, Sikkim, 1906:
Ms. notebook of Sikkim diary; ms. diary (loose sheets, 45 pp.), July 1906;
“George Cave’s Diary: Sikkim, July 1906” (transcribed, edited and annotated by Rowena Cave, December 2008).
• GB235 CAV/13 Ms. notebook, diary, 128 pp. [c. 1909–1910?].
• GB235 CAV/14 Ms. reporter’s notebook, diary and plant notes, 1910–1911.
• GB235 CAV/15 Ms. ledger, 141 pp., 1905. Lists plant names, where collected in Sikkim, date of collection of specimen and seed, and serial numbers in Herbarium and Indian Garden.
• GB235 CAV/16 Folder: "Notebooks and Diaries on tour in Sikkim"
Ms. notes of the tour examining the flora of northwest Sikkim, 40 pp., 1909; ms. diary of tour in Sikkim, 6 pp., 2 copies; ms. notes of a “short tour in Sikkim,” with details of route and plants collected, 5 pp., July 1906.

Cave, George H.

Garden Society

  • GB235 GSO
  • Item
  • 1955

Letter dated 1955 (or later) with Historical Note filed with “Fletcher, H.R.” papers under “Garden Society”

Garden Society

Hawaii –Pacific Tropical Botanic Garden

  • GB235 HAW
  • Collection
  • 1963 - 1970

•2 boxes of correspondence with Dr. Fletcher from 1963-70, regarding setting up Hawaii –Pacific Tropical Botanic Garden.

Hawaii –Pacific Tropical Botanic Garden

Horlick, Lt-Col., Sir James Nockells

  • GB235 HSJ
  • Collection
  • 1886 - 1972

•1 box of miscellaneous Fletcher correspondence (1957-61)
•1 file of miscellaneous correspondence (1960 –72)
•1 box of photographs from the Scottish Daily Express

Horlick, Lt-Col., Sir James Nockells

The Gardens Logan House - Visitors Book

  • GB235 LOG
  • Item
  • 1949 - 1967

1 book containing signatures of visitors to the Logan House gardens between 1949 and 1967. Signatures include many significant figures in the horticultural world- Euan and Peter Cox, Vita Sackville-West using her married name of Nicolson, Cicely M. Crewdson, George Taylor, numerous landowners, members of RBGE staff and, in 1955, HRH, Elizabeth R.

Logan House

Primula papers

  • GB235 PRI
  • Collection
  • 1886 - 1928

•Box containing miscellaneous notes and papers (Source: Balfour, Smith and Fletcher Reference Collection)
•Box containing bound Reference Books (Source: Balfour, Smith and Fletcher Reference Collection)
•Box containing British Reprints (Source: Balfour, Smith and Fletcher Reference Collection)
•Box containing Foreign Reprints – ‘A-Q’ (Source: Balfour, Smith and Fletcher Reference Collection)
•Box containing Foreign Reprints – ‘R-Z’ (Source: Balfour, Smith and Fletcher Reference Collection)
•Box containing Primula Conference Reports: 1886, 1913 and 1928 (Source: Balfour, Smith and Fletcher Reference Collection)
•Box containing ‘The Genus Primula Gardener’s Chronicle’ (1928)
•Box containing ‘The Genus Primula’ – Typescript Papers: ‘A-E’
•Box containing ‘The Genus Primula’ – Typescript Papers: ‘F-N’
•Box containing ‘The Genus Primula’ – Typescript Papers: ‘O-Z’
•Box containing miscellaneous photographs
•Box containing a bound collection of photographs with an index
•Box containing miscellaneous photographs – Sherriff reprints by R. Adam and the Royal Horticultural Society. Etc.
•Box containing misc photographs – reprints by R.M. Adam and photos by R. Eudall
Primula/ Ludlow
•Collection of books, papers, reprints, Photographs, etc. on PRIMULA; apparently used, and added to, in succession by I.B. Balfour, W.W. Smith & H.R. Fletcher, is filed in boxes under “Primula” in Main Index
•Papers/reprints include material by I.B. Balfour, W.G. Craib, A Ernst, G. Forest, R. Farrer, Ludlow & Sherriff (photographs), J. McWatt, W.W. Smith, F. Kingdon Ward, G. Watt, Per Wendlebo, et al.

Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (Creator)

Taylor, Sir/ Dr George

  • GB235 TAY
  • Collection
  • 1904 - 1993

•1 file of miscellaneous correspondence with Dr. Harold R. Fletcher (1958-71)
•Copy of a letter to Taylor from H.R. Fletcher (15 Dec 1965) and an article by Taylor titled ‘Himalayan Plants in the Field’ from The Journal of the Royal Horticultural Society, (1948)
•Two boxes of index cards to N. Douglas Simpson’s Index (a gift from Taylor to Royal Botanic Garden Trust)

Taylor, Sir George

Vancouver Botanical Garden

  • GB235 VAN
  • Collection
  • 1965 - 1970

•Papers regarding setting up the garden and a visit by Professor H.R. Fletcher, (1965-1970)

Vancouver Botanical Garden