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Catherine F. Glen's pressed wildflowers collection

  • GB235 GLE
  • Fundo
  • 1927 - 2009

1 Jenner's shoe box containing:

  • 11 jotters of pressed wildflowers made when Catherine was 14 years old in 1927/28 for the Girls' Guildry (now the Girls' Brigade) Edinburgh 17th Coy.
  • list of the flowers in the 11 jotters
  • 2 letters:
    --7th September 1945, Roland Edgar Cooper to Miss C.F. Glen - thank you for sending sprays of heather - RBGE hoping to propagate and name them - shorthand writing on the reverse, and the envelope has been kept.
    --6th September 1948, Roland Edgar Cooper to Miss Glen acknowledging receipt of her 'very fine contribution ' of heather on the 31st August 1948.
  • modern photograph showing Catherine Glen in old age.

Glen, Catherine F.

Peter Michie ephemera

  • GB235 MIC
  • Coleção
  • 1930 - 1955

/1 notebook; "Noteworthy Plants at RBGE 1947"
/2 lecture notes, c.1950 - probation gardener course at RBGE
/3/1-18 exam papers taken at RBGE, 1948-1951
/4 certificate awarded at completion of course
/5 photographs taken at RBGE, 4 donated, 1 scan of Peter Michie in Palm House
/6 photograph album/notebook of shots of RBGE taken in 1930-1950 by Roland Edgar Cooper "Showing glimpses of the layout plan of 1824"
/7 "The Weather Map" - 1948 textbook used for Meteorology course

Michie, Peter

Ludlow, F. and Sherriff, G. Collection

  • GB235 LSH
  • Coleção
  • 1930 - 1952

This collection consists of material created and gathered from the expeditions of F. Ludlow and G. Sherriff, thought their expeditions of Bhutan and Tibet during 1933-1949.

The collection consists of 5 sub-series: plant documents, expedition documents, diaries, correspondence and visual material.

[1] This series consists of a variety of material which includes plant and seed lists from their expedition with a large focus on Primula, Meconopsis and Rhododendrons, as well as publications gathered by Ludlow and Sherriff which cover their shared interest in the Himalayan region and it's flora and fauna. There is also a garden register donated by the Knox Finlay family detailing the progress of plants/seeds in their gardens acquired from various expeditions including Ludlow and Sherriff's between 1951-52.

[2] This series consists of a variety of expedition documents ranging from itineraries and maps to administration lists and passports.

[3] This series consists of originals and photocopies of the diaries of Sherriff and Ludlow during their expeditions.

[4] This series consists of a variety of correspondence from and to Sherriff and Ludlow over the course of their expeditions.

[5] This series consists of a variety of material including: photographic material, films and videos. Photographic material ranges from prints and negatives taken by Sherriff and Ludlow to prints of digital images taken as exhibition documentation in 2014. The films are..... There have been dvd surrogates made of the films to ensure continued accessibility.

Ludlow, Frank