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Prijanto, Botjah (1942-1969)

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  • 1942-1969

The first (and only?) Indonesian palynologist, Dr Botjah Prijanto was born on the 1 April 1942 in Djombang, East Java. He studied at the College of Agricultural Sciences at Tjiawi, Bogor where he obtained his Batchelor degree in 1962 (taxonomy of flowering plants) and discovered a new species of Lancium (Meliaceae).
Prijanto then joined the Botany Division of the Forestry Research Institute in Bogor as Assistant Botanist before continuing his studies at the University of Edinburgh in 1963 under the supervision of Dr Peter H. Davies and Brian (Bill) L. Burtt. He submitted a thesis on the taxonomic problems of the Scrophulariaceae and was awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in 1966.
Prijanto then spent a year in the Palynological Laboratory in Stockholm where he studied palynology under Prof. G. Erdtman.
In 1968 he was appointed Botanist at the Forest Research Institute in Bogor, regularly working in the Herbarium Bogoriense.
He travelled to many places in Indonesia on field trips, including Udjong Kulong, Sumbawa and South Sumatra. In 1969 he was collecting in South Celebes when he was tragically killed in a car accident.
(Reference, Reinwardtia, vol.8, 1970, pp.1-2)

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