Welcome to the RBGE Archives catalogue!

This catalogue contains collection level descriptions and some file level descriptions relating to the archive collections held at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. The cataloguing is still very much an ongoing project so expect to see descriptions, change, expand and improve over the coming years.

Included are manuscripts, letters, diaries, research papers, collecting notebooks, photograph albums and many other types of material held by us. Please note that this catalogue does not include details of the Library or Art collections.

Please click on the Catalogue Help page for more information, or enter a search term above to begin looking. You can browse the collections by using the browse box above left. At the moment, if you are using a 'stop word' in your search such as 'and', 'of' or 'or', it may be necessary to put your search term into "quotation marks" to obtain results.
If, in your results, you see a list 'tree' with plus signs (+) on the 'branches', you can click on these pluses to expand the list.

RBGE acknowledges that our collections contain historic materials which may contain, either in their content or catalogue descriptions, terminology which is inappropriate, outdated, offensive or distressing. Such information does not reflect the current views and values of RBGE. We welcome feedback about the language in our catalogues. While we cannot change fixed attributes connected to items in the collection (e.g. published titles, names or contents) we will always consider requests for changes to be made to other aspects of the records in our catalogues. Please contact RBGE Archives.

For more information about the RBGE Library and Archives, including making a visit, see our web pages.