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Papers relating to James Sutherland (Regius Keeper, 1699-1714)

  • GB235 SUT
  • Collection
  • 1639 - 1719

•Biographical notes, a copy of his memoir, correspondence regarding his memoir (1874-1932), and a draft copy of catalogue of plants (1912), copies of letters, a copy of his catalogue prepared by I.B. Balfour and William D. Kemp, and a copy of ‘Faculty of Advocates: Cabinet of Coins (James Sutherland)’ (1856)

Sutherland, James

Papers relating to Dr. William Arthur

  • GB235 ART
  • Collection
  • 1715 - 1922

1 box
• Typescript and ms. copies of papers and correspondence, including descriptions of William Arthur’s petition to the Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh, to practise medicine; Arthur’s involvement in the Jacobite plot to seize Edinburgh Castle in 1715; copy of indentures between Mr Patrick Arthur and John Pearson (ms., Privy Council Register, 1681); extracts from various publications on the history of Edinburgh and of the 1715 rebellion; reprint of “William Arthur, M.D., Botanist to the King in Scotland, 1715–1716,” by Professor Bayley Balfour, Transactions and Proceedings, Bot. Soc. of Edinburgh, vol. 26, part 4 (1914–15) right-click, open page in new tab: ; Arthur family genealogy.
• Scrapbook, including extracts from various publications on the Jacobite Uprising of 1715 and the attempt to seize Edinburgh Castle (see above); correspondence, including letters regarding William Arthur’s funeral expenses and burial, and correspondence regarding Arthur’s memoir on the failed attempt to capture Edinburgh Castle (1897–1915); historical notes on the rebellions of 1715 and 1745; genealogical documents on the Arthur family (of Elie), including copies of testaments and family trees. Typescripts with ms. annotations and mss.

Balfour, Sir Isaac Bayley

Papers relating to Dr Charles Alston

  • GB235 ALS
  • Collection
  • 1716 - 1980

Box 1 of 2 (A04)
•GB235 ALS/1 “Botanist Royal,” biography of Charles Alston, by J.M. Alston. Typescript copy (London, February 1980) from the original(?), deposited in the National Library of Scotland.
•GB235 ALS/2 Plantarum Medicinalium Etc., with ms. annotations. Text block with spine, loose front cover, missing back cover, 120 pp.
•GB235 ALS/3 20th century copy of manuscript widow’s petition by Mrs. Alston to H.M. Treasury asking for an allowance to maintain the Physick Garden at Holyrood House, 1762.
•GB235 ALS/4 Typescript and ms. copies of papers and correspondence, including biography of Charles Alston; history of the Alstons of Thinacre-Milne; list of Alston’s works; advertisement by John Hope for the publication of Alston’s Lectures on the Materia Medica, 1770; “Catalogus sive Index Plantarum.”
•GB235 ALS/5 Typescript and ms. copies of papers and correspondence regarding the history of the RBGE, 1716–1909. Includes manuscript copies in Isaac Bayley Balfour's hand, of Alston's Royal Warrants from the Register of the Privy Seal, and Alston' typewritten entry from Allibone's Dictionary, and copies of letters from Kinnear (1890), and to D.W. Kemp (1904) and Britten (1909)
•GB235 ALS/6 Typescript and ms. papers and correspondence, including biographical sketches and notes on the life of Charles Alston; catalogue of works by Alston, c. 1908–1913. includes correspondence from Isaac Bayley Balfour to Prof. Eggeling at Edinburgh University to ask permision to copy relevant information pertaining to Alston and presumably history of RBGE from documents held at the University.
•GB235 ALS/7 Papers and correspondence, including letter from Charles Alston, 1726 (photographic copy); ms. letter to Prof Balfour from Alex. P. Stevenson regarding “the Alston M/S and the Bower,” 1907; extracts from Mackay’s Journey through Scotland (printed 1723, 1729); typescript and ms. notes on the appointment of Charles Alston as Professor at the University of Edinburgh.

Box 2 of 2 (A05) - items transcribed from Edinburgh University holdings c.1908
•GB235 ALS/8 Typescript copies of Alston correspondence, including botanical descriptions, discussions of the “sexes of plants,” and experiments with lime water, originally dating 1715-1756. "Copies of 'Alston letters' from University Ms These are not enter[?] in the Ms Life" in Isaac Bayley Balfour's hand. Correspondents include Boerhaave, Thomas Simpson, John Mitchell, J. Fothergill, Phillip Miller, John Hawkeens, Keir, John Ellis, Archibald Hamilton, Alexander Garden, William Cullen and Richard Henderson.
•GB235 ALS/9 Life of Charles Alston, including copies of correspondence (1724–1760). Correspondents include John Fothergill, John Hawkeens, Stephen Hales, Alexander Garden, and Philip Miller. Subjects discussed include experiments with lime water and its medicinal uses, herbal remedies, the making of elaterium (a plant extract used as a purgative), the properties of amber and ginseng, botanical lore, Materia Medica, and Alston’s hostility to the Linnaean system. Typescript with ms. corrections, 107 pp.; ms. notes entitled “Mr Jeffrey’s comparison of the MS. Life of Alston,” 4 pp.
•GB235 ALS/10 Life of Charles Alston. Typescript copy (see above) "Alston's Life, from an old manuscript - Isaac Bayley Balfour's hand).

Balfour, Sir Isaac Bayley

Rutherford, Prof. Daniel (Regius Keeper, 1789 - 1819)

  • GB235 RUT
  • Collection
  • 1749 - 1819

• Ms. lectures on botany (1803–1806?), 44 pp.; Index Stirpium Officinalium, ut in Horto Regio Botanico Edinburgensi, 2 copies, 7 pp.; 1 copy, 4 pp., C. Stewart, printer; ms. note: “Edinburgh Evening Courant, Sept. 18, 1820. Nothing to be found on last page / Column 4.” 1 p.
• Correspondence and papers, including a ms. letter petitioning H.M. Treasury for an additional allowance to maintain the Botanic Garden, 1807; two ms. letters (with wax seals) from Archibald Menzies to Prof. Rutherford regarding seeds sent by Menzies, 1789; ms. copies of two letters from Archibald Dickson to I. Bayley Balfour, 1889 (originals with I. Bayley Balfour correspondence under “Dickson, Archibald”; ms. letter from Henry Paton, genealogist, to I. Bayley Balfour, regarding an inventory of Daniel Rutherford, 1909.

Rutherford, Prof. Daniel

Hope, Dr. John ( Regius Keeper 1761-86)

  • GB235 HOP
  • Collection
  • 1761 - 1820

•1 box donated via the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh Sibbald Trust containing original letters c.1783 and an ex-registry file 3/3 titled ‘John Hope Papers’ used for A.G. Morton’s book.
•1 box containing I.B. Balfour’s scrap book, memoirs and other assorted items
•1 box containing indices to NAS papers and various photocopies of correspondence, etc.
•12 boxes containing copies of SRO Papers marked:

  1. GD253/143/1-4
  2. GD253/143/5-6
  3. GD253/143/7-9
  4. GD253/143/10-13
  5. GD253/144/1-4
  6. GD253/144/5-7
  7. GD253/144/8-10
  8. GD253/144/11-14
  9. GD253/145/1-6
  10. GD253/145/7-10
  11. GD253/145/10-13
  12. GD253/145/4
    •Box of index cards referring to John Hope
    There is a detailed list stored with the following boxes containing photocopies of papers from the SRO which notes what is inside each box and what the references refer to. Documents include correspondence, bills, receipts and other financial accounts
    • E215/3-6, 1769-1829
    • E414/1-7, 1764. 1769, 1789, 1825
    • E414/8, 1767, 1770, 1776, 1777, 1778, 1779, 1780, 1782
    • E414/9-11, 1785, 1786, 1788, 1789
    • E414/12-15, 1789, 1790, 1792
    • E414/16-18, 1793, 1794, 1795
    • E414/19-22, 1788, 1789, 1795, 1796, 1797, 1798, 1799
    • E414/23-25, 1797, 1799, 1800, 1801, 1802
    • E414/26, 1803
    • E414/27, 1801, 1803, 1804
    • E414/28, 1804, 1805, 1806
    • E414/32, 1899, 1800, 1801, 1803
    • E414/33-40, 1769, 1776
    • E414/41-46, 1777, 1778
    • E414/47, 1782
    • E414/48, 1783
    • E414/49, 1785, 1784
    • E414/50, 1787
    • E414/51, 1789, 1788
    • E414/52, 1789
    • E414/53, 1790
    • E414/54 ,1791
    • E414/55, 1792
    • E414/56, 1793
    • E414/57, 1794
    • E414/58, 1795
    • E414/59, 1796
    • E414/57, 1794
    • E414/58, 1795
    • E414/59, 1796
    • E414/60, 1797
    • E414/61, 1798, 1797
    • E414/62, 1799
    • E414/63, 1800
    • E414/64, 1801
    • E414/65 ,1802

exhibition catalogue: John Hope; Enlightened Botanist written by Henry Noltie and relating to exhibition at Inverleith House, May to July 2011

Hope, John

Professor Robert Graham papers

  • GB235 GRR
  • Collection
  • 1818 - 1908

Graham, Prof Robert (1786-1845), Regius.Keeper. 1820-1845
•2 boxes of correspondence, notes and papers
includes reprint given to Graham in 1841 by De Jussieu: "Note sur des Fleurs Monstrueuses d'une espece d'Erable" by Adrien de Jussieu, extracted from Des Annales des Sciences Naturelles, June 1841

Dates of creation: 1818–1908
2 boxes
Box 1 of 2
• GB235 GRR/1 Ms. copies of correspondence, “Transcribed from R. Brown’s Correspondence.3. in the Botanical Department of the British Museum”, regarding Robert Brown’s candidature for the joint offices of King’s Botanist for Scotland, Regius Keeper, and Professor of Medicine and Botany in Edinburgh University, 1819–1827. Correspondents include Sir Joseph Banks, George H. Baird (Principal of the University of Edinburgh), Patrick Neill, and Lord Melville; ms. copies of correspondence between Robert Brown and Robert Graham, principally on botanical subjects, “Transcribed from R. Brown’s Correspondence.1. in the Botanical Department of the British Museum”, 1828–1845.
• GB235 GRR/2 Typescript notes,” Dr. [James] Dunsmure’s MS. /Evidently note of Prof. Graham’s lecture”, 25 pp.; typescript notes recording other scientist’s views on plant structures and functions:[Achille] Richard, 29 pp; [Charles] Darwin, 10 pp.; Mr. [Joseph] Knight, 3 pp.; [Augustin] De Candolle and [Kurt] Sprengel, 2 pp.; [Thomas]Thomson, 3 pp.; [John] Smith, 3 pp.; [Henri] Dutrochet, 3 pp.
• GB235 GRR/3 Ms., plant notes, 27 pp; ms. lecture notes for winter course, 47 pp.; ms. notes for Compendium of British Flora, 16 pp., 1831; ms. letter from Robert Graham to W.H. Campbell, Edinburgh Botanical Society, 1 p., 1837. [Note: 29 letters moved to Campbell folder at Boc. Soc. Scotland]; ms. copies of correspondence, 1824–1841. [Originals filed under “Balfour, J. Hutton, sup. corres. under “Plinian”; “Hooker, W. J.”; “Hamilton, Dr. Francis”]; “Biographical Sketch of the Late Robert Graham,” by Charles Ransford (Edinburgh, 1846; “Description of several New or Rare Plants …”, by Dr Graham, Edin. New Phil. Journal, 1829–1832; reprint, Notice of Botanical Excursions into the Highlands of Scotland from Edinburgh this Season, 1833,” by Dr Graham, Edin. New Phil. Journal, 1833; reprint, “Account of Botanical Excursions from Edinburgh in Autumn 1839,” Robert Graham; Index Stirpium Officinalium ut in Horto Regio Botanico Edinburgensi, with ms. annotations, 2 copies, 1826.
Box 2 of 2
• GB235 GRR/4 Scrapbook, typescript, ms., and copies of papers and correspondence, and [brass?] printing plate: “University of Edinburgh, May 81, Lectures of Botany, Robert Graham, M.D.” Papers include typescript biographical sketches, typescript copy of Graham’s appointment as Regius Professor of Botany in the University of Glasgow by George III (Aug. 1818) and ms. and typescript copy of Graham’s appointment as Regius Professor of Botany in the University of Edinburgh by George IV (March 1820), testimonial letters supporting Graham’s appointment, and a reprint letter to Patrick Neill, Secretary to the Caledonian Horticultural Society, from Andrew Duncan, on the controversy about the location for a new botanical garden at Edinburgh, May 1820. Subjects of correspondence include the disposal of Dr Graham’s papers and discussions of botanical matters. Correspondents include J.H. Balfour, William Brand, Robert Brown, Sir Joseph Banks, Mrs. Graham, A. Menzies, and Sir James Smith.

listing by M.R.

Name access points:
George Husband Baird
John Hutton Balfour
Sir Joseph Banks
William Brand
Robert Brown
William Hunter Campbell
Augustin de Candolle
Charles Darwin
Andrew Duncan
James Dunsmure
Henri Dutrochet
Francis Hamilton
W. J. Hooker
Joseph Knight
Lord Melville
A. Menzies
Patrick Neill
Achille Richard
Plinian Society
Sir James Smith
Kurt Sprengel
Thomas Thomson

Graham, Professor Robert

John Hutton Balfour Collection

  • GB235 JHB
  • Collection
  • 1830 - 1885

• 6 boxes of miscellaneous papers and lectures
• 1 box containing a map of a garden in Paris, marked property of ‘Dr. Balfour 1859’.
• J.H. Balfour, ‘The Botanist’s Companion’, Edinburgh, Adam and Charles Black (1860)
• J.H. Balfour, ‘Manual of Botany’, London, John Joseph Griffin & Co. (1849)
• J.H. Balfour, ‘Manual of Botany’, Third Edition, Revised and Enlarged, London and Glasgow, Richard Griffin and Company, (1855)
• J.H. Balfour, ‘Manual of Botany’, New Edition Revised by the Author, Edinburgh, Adam and Charles Black , (1860)
• Two copies of J.H. Balfour, ‘Manual of Botany’, Fifth Edition, Edinburgh, Adam and Charles Black , (1875)
• J.H Balfour ‘Outlines of Botany’, Edinburgh, Adam and Charles Black, (MDCCCLIV.)
• J.H Balfour ‘Outlines of Botany’, Second Edition, Edinburgh, Adam and Charles Black, (1862)
• J.H. Balfour, ‘First Book of Botany’, London and Glasgow, William Collins and Sons, & Co., Limited.
• J.H. Balfour, ‘First Book of Botany’, London and Glasgow, William Collins, Sons, & Company, (1873)
• J.H. Balfour, ‘First Book of Botany’, London and Glasgow, William Collins, Sons, & Company, (1874)
• J.H. Balfour, ‘Second Book of Botany: Systematic Botany’, London and Glasgow, William Collins, Sons, & Company, (1873)
• J.H. Balfour, ‘Elements of Botany’, Third Edition, Edinburgh, Adam and Charles Black, (1876)
• J.H. Balfour, ‘Elements of Botany’, Edinburgh, Adam and Charles Black, (1869)
• Balfour Botany, Encl. Brit., 7th Edition, 1842, Vol. V
• Balfour Botany, Encl. Brit., 8th Edition, 1854, Vol. V
• Balfour Botany, Encl. Brit., 9th Edition, 1876 Vol. IV
• 1 box of personal and miscellaneous photographs and papers
• 1 box of miscellaneous papers regarding Botanic Society proceedings and lecture notices.
• 1 box of miscellaneous papers, reprints and lecture outlines
• 1 box of miscellaneous papers and publications
• 1 box of miscellaneous papers, catalogues and excursion records
• 4 boxes of correspondence and papers
• Collection of 26 letters by scientists, engineers, lawyers and other correspondents addressed to Professor Balfour on academic papers and Royal Society of Edinburgh matters.
• Bound volumes of J. H. Balfour’s correspondence, Vol. I to Vol.XII, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh Library
• J.H. Balfour, ‘Balfour’s Class Book of Botany: Part I. Structural and Morphological Botany’, Edinburgh, Adam and Charles Black, (MDCCCLIX.)
• J.H. Balfour, ‘Balfour’s Class Book of Botany: Part II. Physiology and Classification’, Edinburgh, Adam and Charles Black, (MDCCCLV.)
• J.H. Balfour, ‘Class Book of Botany’, Third Edition, Edinburgh, Adam and Charles Black, (1871)
• J.H. Balfour, ‘Botany and Religion’ Edinburgh, Adam and Charles Black, (MDCCCLIX.)
• J.H. Balfour’s microscope
• J.H. Balfour: Ephemera –box containing lecture notices, hand bills, news paper clippings and syllabuses of lecture courses, given by Dame Agnes Boyd Balfour (widow of Sir Isaac Bayley Balfour to Professor William Wright Smith in June 1926).
• Folder containing drawings and artwork.

Balfour, John Hutton

Professor Alexander Dickson papers

  • GB235 DPA
  • Collection
  • 1836 - 1887

•1 box of miscellaneous papers
•1 box of miscellaneous correspondence and lecture notes
Correspondence from Archibald Dickson (brother of Prof. Alexander Dickson, Regius Keeper 1880-87) re: his late brother's affairs dated 1889 filed with "Balfour, I Bayley" corresp. under "Dickson, Archibald".

Dickson, Prof. Alexander

Sir Isaac Bayley Balfour Collection

  • GB235 IBB
  • Collection
  • 1870 - 1930

•1 box of correspondence with The Royal Scottish Arboriculture Society
•1 box of correspondence with the Annals of Botany
•1 box of correspondence with The University of Glasgow
•1 box of correspondence with Sir David Prain(1857-1944)
•2 boxes of correspondence regarding the Rodriguez (Transit of Venus) Expedition (1874) Papers
•5 boxes of correspondence including miscellaneous papers, reprints, lectures and drawings, regarding Socotra
•26 boxes and 1 book of correspondence with various people and organisations
•2 boxes of miscellaneous personal papers
•1 box of miscellaneous papers regarding applications for chairs
•2 boxes of miscellaneous lectures and lecture notes
•1 box of miscellaneous notes, extracts, reports and addresses
•1 box of plant lists and local plant names
•1 box of post-retirement correspondence with Sir William Wright Smith(1875-1956)
•1 box of miscellaneous papers, reprints and notes
•1 box of papers regarding the Botanic Society Edinburgh Billets 1836-76 (Isaac Bayley Balfour’s personal copies)
•1 box of various distribution maps and schematic drawings
•4 boxes Isaac Bayley Balfour 'grandfather’s' papers and notes [I believe 'grandfather is likely Isaac Bayley Balfour, and it's how the donor referred to him, as opposed to it being IBB's grandfather] - to one of these boxes ("box 8 of 16") has been added (June 2019) an auction catalogue from Dulau and Co. Ltd. "Recent Useful Gardening Books"; "Botanical & Horticultural Works from the libraries of the late Sir Isaac Bayley Balfour FRS, C. Harman Payne FRHS, William Watson of Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and other sources" No. 132, Part I, October 1925.
•1 box of M/S papers – monograph on figures
•1 folder of a collection of original drawings by John Nugent Fitch(1849-1927), for Botany of Socotra
•Personal diary of a visit to Socotra in 1880
•1 box of reprints and correspondence regarding Socotra
•I.B. Balfour ‘New Species of Rhododendron’ (copy belonged to G. Forrest so filed in the Forrest collection)
•3 letters dated 1877 -1878 from Joseph Decaisne, to I. Bayley Balfour filed with “Balfour, I. Bayley” correspondence under “Decaisne, J”
Correspondence from Archibald Dickson, (brother of Prof. Alex. Dickson, Regius Keeper 1880 -87) re: late brother’s affairs dated 1889 filed with “Balfour, I. Bayley” correspondence under “Dickson, Archibald”

Balfour, Sir Isaac Bayley

Smith, Sir William Wright (Regius Keeper – 1922-1956)

  • GB235 WWS
  • Collection
  • 1875 - 1856

•Personal files and papers and his obituary
•Kew correspondence with Sir Arthur W. Hill (1921-1940) and A.D. Cotton (1921-1945)
•Correspondence with Colonel Stephenson Clarke, Borde Hill (1922-1939)
•Swedish correspondence (1923-1951), including correspondence with HRH the King of Sweden (1937-1951), Dr Harry Smith, Upsala (1925-1957) and Dr H.G. Bruun (1928-1939)
•Correspondence regarding Rhododendrons (Lord Headfort - Taylour, Geoffrey Thomas)
•Directors correspondence (1929-1936)
•2 framed photographs of W.W. Smith and an envelope of photographs possibly belonging to him
•Reprint of The Bannatyne or Bute Mazer and its carved bone cover by J.H. Stevenson published in the Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, v.LXV, 1930-31 including a Botanical Note on the Plant represented in the carving on the Mazer Lid by Professor William Wright Smith, King's Botanist in Scotland, pp38-39.

Smith, Sir William Wright

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