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Roland Edgar Cooper Collection Series
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Roland Edgar Cooper: Plant Collecting paperwork

REC/1: Roland Edgar Cooper – Plant Collecting paperwork, 1913-1949
REC/1/1: Notebooks, 1913-1916
REC/1/1/1: Field Books
REC/1/1/1/1-19: Sikkim, 1913; 19 books covering collection numbers 1-1023
REC/1/1/2: Plant Determinations
REC/1/1/2/1-3: Sikkim, Bhutan and Punjab, 1913-1916: notebooks covering collection numbers 1-6002 and summary sheet
REC/1/1/3: Itineraries
REC/1/1/3/1: Itinerary, Bhutan, 1914-1915
REC/1/1/4: 3 numbered notebooks
REC/1/1/4/1: No.1: includes Sikkim itinerary, June-Oct 1913; trip to Phalut (Sikkim) Oct. 1913; Notes on witchcraft in Bengal, Feb. 1914; Notes on Bhutan travels; 1914; Notes on Bhutan forest distribution, 1915; Journal of travels in Eastern Bhutan, 1915; Misc. Notes on Sikkim and Bhutan including catalogue of Bhutan photographs.
REC/1/1/4/2: No.2: Notes of Itinerary of Second Tour of Bhutan 1915
REC/1/1/4/3: No.3: includes Notes on Topography and Vegetation of Western Bhutan, (1915?); Journal and Botanical Notes, Punjab, 1916; Misc. Notes including catalogue of Punjab photographs.
REC/1/1/5: Collecting books – 3 boxes containing books used to collect and number plants in the field.
REC/1/2: Maps- Two maps relating to Cooper's plant collecting expeditions, 1908-1916
REC/1/2/1: The first map is of Sikkim, Bhutan, parts of Nepal, Tibet, Bengal and Eastern Bengal and Assam, dates to 1908 and is annotated with Cooper's routes and the legend, "RE Cooper, A- 1914 - Tour in Bhutan, July-August, Sept, Oct, Novr; B- 1915 - April, May, June, July, August, Sept.".
REC/1/2/2: The second map is of parts of Lahaol and Spiti of the Kangra District and Chamba, Punjab with portions of ... Kashmir, dates to 1913 and is annotated with Cooper's routes and the legend "RE Cooper's visit to Kulu and Lahaol, 1916, seed collecting for A.K. Bulley, Neston, Cheshire".
REC/1/3: Retrospective Published Writings, 1933,1949
REC/1/3/1: Cooper’s copy of "Botanical Tours in Bhutan, with Special Reference to the Occurrence of the Genus Primula", by Roland Edgar Cooper, published in Notes from the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, November 1933.
REC/1/3/2: Cooper’s copy of "Notes upon Bhutan in the Eastern Himalaya", by R.E. Cooper, published in the Journal of the Royal Horticultural Society, Vol. 74, part 2, February 1949.

Cooper, Roland Edgar

Roland Edgar Cooper: Correspondence and Papers

REC/2: Roland Edgar Cooper – Correspondence and Papers, 1913-1961
REC/2/1: Correspondence and Papers – Isaac Bayley Balfour, 1913-1919
Folder of papers presumably retained by Isaac Bayley Balfour. Includes correspondence; Notes on Environment of Plants of Seed Numbers, Gathered in Bhutan, 1914, by R.E. Cooper; List of Seeds sent by Cooper, via A.K. Bulley, Sikkim and Tibet, 1913.
REC/2/2: Correspondence and Papers – British Museum, 1930,1952
Folder of correspondence between William Wright Smith and Brian Burtt of the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh and George Taylor of the British Museum (Natural History) regarding the sending of Cooper's specimens to the British Museum for determinations - this includes plant lists. There are also two lists with duplicates: 1-2. "Determination of Indian Plants collected by RE Cooper Esq 1914- for British Museum, 1st list, Edin." and 3-4. "Identification of Plants for the British Museum. Coll. RE Cooper, 2nd list, Jan. 1930"
REC/2/3: Correspondence and Papers – Assorted Documents, 1916-1961
Assorted documents relating to R.E. Cooper, provenance unknown and arranged by date where known.
• Extract from letter dated 18th September 1916 from Sir Isaac Bayley Balfour to Roland Edgar Cooper [in Cooper's hand? written out on Cooper's lecture notes?] Original copy in Isaac Bayley Balfour correspondence folder: GB235 REC/2/1/19
• Typescript of two letters, the first from William Wright Smith to Isaac Bayley Balfour, 27/05/1921; the second from R.E. Cooper to William Wright Smith, 04/06/1921 from the Botanic Garden in Maymo, Burma.
• [William Wright Smith?] to R.E. Cooper, 28/06/1929 regarding identification of plants.
• R.E. Cooper's collecting numbers - brief summary by Cooper with two copies, 03/03/1931.
• Modern list outlining Cooper's ethnographic donations to the National Museums of Scotland in 1931-32.
• Partial copy of John Anthony's "Remarkable Alpine Lobelia from Bhutan" published in the Notes from the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, July 1936.
• List of determinations of Bhutan grasses sent on loan to Dr. Bor of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, 01/05/1948. "R.E. Cooper's collection"
• letter: R.E. Cooper to Harold Roy Fletcher, 10/10/1961
• Three pages of Collection Numbers entitled "Cooper's Bhutan Collection" - undated.
• "Cooper's Saxifragas, etc." arranged according to Engler et Irmscher Monograph - undated.

Cooper, Roland Edgar

Roland Edgar Cooper: Cooper's Writing, mainly unpublished

REC/3: Roland Edgar Cooper – Cooper’s Writing, c.1930-c.1960
REC/3/1: "Abnormal Cyclamen Growths" [Cyprus] by R.E. Cooper with two accompanying photographs by Robert Moyes Adam. Written 1933? [Intended for Notes of the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh but never published?]
REC/3/2: "A Scented Hybrid of Lilium Bulbiferum Croceum (Aurantiacum)" by R.E. Cooper, reprinted from the Lily Year Book 1948.
REC/3/3: Unpublished paper on Seed Morphology in the Genus Primula - text and 14 plates of photographs and illustrations. [Written in the 1930s?]
REC/3/4: Unpublished 10 page typescript entitled “The work of William McNab, landscape gardener, 1780-1848, The Royal Botanic Garden at Inverleith”; covers a history of the Inverleith site, Cooper’s opinion of McNab’s skill in laying out the Garden, a diagram of sightlines in the south west corner, and 9 of Cooper’s photographs taken in the Garden.
REC/3/5: “Received with Thanks” the unpublished autobiography of R.E. Cooper. Added to the collection in August 2020 after being donated to RBGE.

Cooper wrote extensively - the archive collection only includes a small sample of what were presumably the author's own copies. See Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh Library catalogue for the rest of his output.

Cooper, Roland Edgar

Roland Edgar Cooper: Cooper's Photographs

REC/4: Roland Edgar Cooper – Photographs, 1913-1961
The Cooper Photograph Collection has been collated from a number of sources; some have been held in the RBGE Archives for some time, some have been donated and some purchased at auction.
REC/4/1: Photographs – RBGE, 1913-1932
Envelope of 13 photographs which have been historically filed in the archives with Cooper's correspondence, etc. including one of Cooper in 1913; Edgar Cooper and son Bill at Rangoon House, 1924-5; plants and scenery in Bhutan, including two plants collected by Cooper and growing at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh in the 1930s.
REC/4/2: Photographs – Auction Lot, c.1880-1959
Set of four photograph albums and an envelope of family photographs and correspondence purchased at auction in 2009 and stored together in one box.
REC/4/2/1: 1. Photograph album of Himalayan views, people and plants. Undated [1913 onwards?]
REC/4/2/2: 2. Photograph album of Himalayan views, people and plants. Undated [1913 onwards?]
REC/4/2/3: 3. Photograph 'album' compiled by Cooper - "Photographs of the Robes worn in a Tibetan Priest Play and also some Movements of the Dance". Photographs by R.E. Cooper at Tongsa and Tashigong Djongs and others in the Eastern Himalaya, 1915.
REC/4/2/4: 4. Album of photographs taken at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, all taken by Cooper except for two taken by Garden Photographer Robert Moyes Adam, with accompanying poetry [written by Cooper?], [c.1934-1950?]
REC/4/2/5: 5. Envelope of family photographs, correspondence, genealogical information relating to Cooper / Wiedhofft family, newspaper clipping with family information and pencil drawing of unknown face. Includes two Himalayan photographs, one of Rhoomoo/Rhomoo Lepcha, Sikkim, 1913 with Meconopsis paniculata, and the other of Rhododendron griffithianum, Bhutan, 1914.
REC/4/3: Photographs – Donation, c.1913-1950
These photographs were donated to the RBGE Archives in 2010 from a private collection. There are only three original photographs amongst them; the rest were digitised and returned to the owner and are represented in the collection by a cd and a set of modern prints.
REC/4/3/1: Birthday card dated 15/06/1950 sent to May Kerr by R.E. Cooper including a poem by Cooper and his photograph of Rhoomoo Lepcha with Meconopsis wallichiana (Bhutan 1914).
REC/4/3/2/1-11: Set of 11 digitised photographs from a private collection showing Cooper, his family including wife Emily and son Bill, the Kerr family and Cooper and William Wright Smith with King George V and Queen Mary; c.1937-1949.
REC/4/3/3/1-2: Two original photographs showing a snake charmer in Calcutta in 1913.

Cooper, Roland Edgar