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Alistair Watt donation - Robert Fortune related ephemera

  • GB235 WAA
  • Collection
  • 1800 - 2009

Collection of items located, sourced and collected by Alistair Watt when writing his Robert Fortune biography: (right click, open link in new tab:
GB235 WAA/1/1-5: five 19th century Chinese watercolours on pith rice paper depicting various stages in the tea manufacturing process.
GB235 WAA/2: Wood engraved print from the Illustrated London News, 1859, showing Howqua Garden, Canton [Guangdong] from Mr. Albert Smith's 'China'.
GB235 WAA/3: black and white stereoscopic photograph entitled "In the celebrated Fati Gardens, Honam, China" taken by C.H. Graves in 1902, the Universal Photo Art Company, Philadelphia, USA.
GB235 WAA/4: Reprints as follows;
WAA/4/1: Book Review of 'Three Years Wandering in the Northern Provinces of China...' by Robert Fortune, Botanical Collector to the Royal Horticultural Society, reprinted from the Dublin Review, September 1847.
WAA/4/2: 'Descriptions of some new and apparently undescribed species of Hymenopterous insects from North China collected by Robert Fortune Esq.' by F. Smith Esq. reprinted from the Transactions of the Etomological Society of London, New Series, Vol 2, pt 2, 1852.
WAA/4/3: 'Descriptions of some Longicorn beetles discovered in Northern China by Robert Fortune Esq.' by W. Wilson Saunders Esq. FLS reprinted from the Transactions of the Etomological Society of London, New Series, Vol 2, pt 4, 1853.
GB235 WAA/5: Article in Chinese "Review of Howqua's Gardens at Canton in the Late Qing Dynasty" by PENG Chang-xin, from Chinese Landscape Architecture, 2009

Watt, Alistair

Archibald [Archie] Kenneth Collection

  • GB235 KAG
  • Collection
  • 1915 - 1989

•Box containing a notebook, papers and correspondence, moss specimens, bryophyte master cards and a checklist of the bryophytes of V.C.101
•5 boxes containing 52 notebooks mostly relating to VC101
•2 boxes of miscellaneous papers and correspondence (to be checked)
•3 boxes of correspondence (to be checked)

Kenneth, Archibald Graham

Balfour Family information

  • GB235 BFI
  • Collection
  • 1853 - 1980

•Various copies of Isaac Bayley Balfour’s Family Tree
•Copy of the Balfour family photo album
•1 box of miscellaneous papers regarding the Balfour family tree

Balfour, Sir Isaac Bayley

Bill and Duncan Mackenzie catalogues and ephemera

  • GB235 MWG
  • Collection
  • 1910 - 1953

• “Herbaceous Rock Garden Plants: Some introductions from the Himalaya and S.W. China” Lecture given March 1921, 1950 by W.G. MacKenzie, reprinted from the Journal of the Royal Horticultural Society, v.75 pt.6, June 1950.
• RBGE Guidebook, 1934
• Plant catalogues:
o Hardy Plants Worth Growing; catalogue – V.N. Gauntlett & Co., Ltd., Japanese Nurseries, Chiddingfold, Surrey, No.90, c.1910 [image from RBGE on p.190]
o Trees and Shrubs catalogue – John Waterer, Sons & Crisp Ltd, Twyford, Berks – Autumn 1927- Spring 1928
o Ornamental Shrubs, Conifers and Climbers; catalogue – William Watson & Sons, Ltd., Killiney Nurseries, Co. Dublin – 1928-1929
o Choice Plants for the Rock Garden – Laird and Dickson, Pinkhill Nurseries, Edinburgh, c.1933
o Well’s Hardy Plants Catalogue – Wells Jun., The Nurseries, Merstham, Surrey – 1935-1936
o Trees and Shrubs catalogue – R.V. Roger, Pickering, Yorkshire – 1938-1939
o Hardy Heathers catalogue – Maxwell & Beale Ltd, Broadstone, Dorset – 1952-1953
• Sutton’s Seeds from Reading, England tin (lid cracked at back right corner – caution)

MacKenzie, William Gregor

Botanic Cottage Project - Hopetoun Crescent Garden

  • GB235 BCP
  • Collection
  • 2009 - 2014

Hopetoun Crescent Garden
Working copy of ‘Botanic Cottage Project: Stories from the historical archives – about Botanic Cottage, the Leith Walk Garden and John Hope’s “other” life as a physician ’, Research submission by J. Corrie to the Friends of Hopetoun Crescent Garden, May 2009, plus 7 copies of the pamphlet of ‘The Story of the Botanic Cottage’

Corrie, Jane

Botanical Society of [Edinburgh] Scotland Archives

  • GB235 BSS
  • Collection
  • 1836 - 2014

Minute Books, Transactions and boxes containing exchange lists, correspondence regarding transactions, invoices and cheque books.
BSS/1 - Society Laws, Annual Reports and Lists of Members
BSS/2 - Botanical Society Minute Books
BSS/3 - Council Minutes inc. Agendas, Annual Reports, etc.
BSS/4 - Transactions of the Botanical Society of Edinburgh
BSS/5 - Transactions Administration / Exchange Lists
BSS/6 - Secretary's Papers inc. questionnaire results and name change referenda
BSS/7 - Treasurer's Papers
BSS/8 - Programme Correspondence inc. Symposia and Projects
BSS/9 - Publications
BSS/10 - Botanical Society Club
BSS/11 - Centenary / Celebrations
BSS/12 - Ephemera

Botanical Society of Scotland

Botanical Society of the British Isles Threatened Plants Project (2008-2012)

  • GB235 TPP
  • Collection
  • 2008 - 2012

1 box of admin/correspondence/corrections - including a copy of BSBI News 137, Jan 2018 with article on the project by K.J. Walker, P.A. Stroh and R.W. Ellis;
and 8 boxes of Recording Sheets arranged alphabetically by plant name as follows:
Alchemilla wichurae (2012)
Anacamptis (Orchis) morio (2012)
Astragulus danicus (2008)
Baldellia ranunculoides (2011)
Blysmus compressus (2008)
Bupleurium tenuissisimum (2012)
Campanula patula (2008)
Carex ericetorum (2009)
Cephalanthera longifolia (2009)
Chrysanthemum segetum (2010)
Cicendia filiformis (2011)
Coeloglossum viride (2009)
Crepis mollis (2008)
Cuscuta epithymum (2011)
Dianthus deltoides (2009)
Fallopia dumetorum (2009)
Fumaria parviflora (2012)
Galium pumilum (2011)
Gentianella campestris (2008)
Gnaphalium sylvaticum (2009)
Groenlandia densa (2009)
Herminum monorchis (2010)
Hordeum marinum (2010)
Hypochaeris glabra (2012)
Juncus compressus (2011)
Juniperus communis (2010)
Melampyrum cristatum (2009)
Melittis melisophyllum (2010)
Meum athamanticum (2010)
Monotropa hypopitys (2008)
Oenanthe fistulosa (2009)
Ophrys insectifera (2008)
Orchis anthropophora (2012)
Orchis morio see Anacamptis
Orchis ustulata (2011)
Persicaria minor (2011)
Polystichum lonchitis (2010)
Pseudorchis albida (2011)
Pyrola media (2008)
Ranunculus arvensis (2012)
Scleranthus annuus (2008)
Sedum villosum (2011)
Sibbaldia procumbens (2010)
Silene conica (2011)
Sium latifolium (2010)
Stellaria palustris (2008)
Tephroseris integrifolia (2012)
Torilis arvensis (2011)
Vicia orobus (2009)
Vicia parviflora (2012)
Viola lactaea (2010)
For more information, (right click, open link in new tab)

Botanical Society of Britain & Ireland

British Columbia Botanical Association

  • GB235 BCB
  • Collection
  • 1862

1 box of general correspondence and minutes (c.1862)
1 box of R. Brown letters and lists (c.1862)
1 box of shareholders’ letters (c.1862)
1 box of financial papers (c.1862)

British Columbia Botanical Association

Charles Cardale Babington Ephemera

  • GB235 CCB
  • Collection
  • 1841 - 1862

• A catalogue of the plants gathered on the islands of North Uist, Harris and Lewis during a botanical excursion, (August, 1841).
• Copy of Syllabus Botanical Lectures (1862)
• Two letters to Parnell dated 1847 and 1848
• Two letters to the Botanical Society dated 1841and 1843

Babington, Charles Cardale

Cicely M. Crewdson Collection

  • GB235 CRE
  • Collection
  • 1935 - 1964

1 photo album marked 'Vol 2' containing 42 prints of alpine plants; 2 separate prints mounted on card (Cyclamen repandum and Primula reidii); and 3 RHS certificates dated 1947, 1959, and 1964

Crewdson, Cicely Maud

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