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Forrest family donation

  • GB235 FIA
  • Collection
  • 1886 - 1960

A collection of items relating to George Forrest and his family comprising:
GB235 FIA/1/1: ‘Rhododendrons and the Various Hybrids’, by J.G. Millais, 1917, No.6, signed by author and annotated by George Forrest
GB235 FIA/1/2: ‘Rhododendrons and the Various Hybrids’, 2nd Series, by J.G. Millais, 1924, No.5

GB235 FIA/2/1-7: 7 x ‘Marine Algae of Joppa’ by George William Traill, 1886 (inc. author’s copy(1), Phebe M. Traill(2), W.H. Traill(3), scored out name(4) and 3 unsigned books(5-7, 5 possibly Clementina Traill))
GB235 FIA/2/8: 1 x ‘Marine Algae of Elie’, by George William Traill, reprint from the Transactions of the Botanical Society of Scotland, 1888
GB235 FIA/2/9: 1 x ‘Marine Algae of the Orkney Islands’ by George William Traill, 1890, H.C.M.W. (Clementina) Traill’s copy

GB235 FIA/3: 1 box of 87 microscope slides, mostly trees and shrubs, made by Dr G. Ian Forrest (G. Forrest’s grandson) between 1959 and 1960 whilst studying for his B.Sc in Botany at University College London.

Traill, George William

James Todd Johnstone collection (Librarian, RBGE, 1912-46)

  • GB235 JJT
  • Collection
  • 1923 - 1973

• GB235 JJT/1: Index to Botanical References & Publications – Foolscap Book “Army Book 72”: alphabetical indexed ledger, ms. entries and ms. and typescript loose sheets (includes ms. notes to RK, William Wright Smith, on botanical references, and typescript note from W. W. Smith, 1931–1937,) 1927. Index includes lists of bibliographic references to monographs and scholarly journals, with 6 pp. listing County Reports of Scotland (1794 to 1814) and England (1794 to 1815).
• GB235 JJT/2: “Index to Rhododendrons & Primulas”: alphabetical indexed ledger, ms. entries and ms. and typescript loose sheets (includes misc. plant notes, typescript List of Works on Primulas, and ms. list of rhododendrons), 1923.
• GB235 JJT/3: “Index to Scottish Botanists” in “The Portland Letter File”: alphabetical indexed ledger, with ms. loose sheets, Note inserted in file: “It is quite possible that this was compiled by Mr J T Johnstone, RBG Librarian. DMH [Douglas Henderson], 1973.”

Above material, apparently prepared and used as personal reference source by J. T. Johnston, Librarian of RBGE 1912-46 and are filed under “Johnston, J.T. (Librarian)” – in individual box

Johnstone, James Todd

F.R.S. Balfour Collection

  • GB235 FRS
  • Collection
  • 1920 - 1946

Papers relating to Colonel F.R.S. Balfour of Dawyck, including Correspondence, papers relating to the Rhododendron Conference due to be held in 1939, and papers related to the Landowners' Co-operative Forestry Society Ltd.

Balfour, Colonel Frederick Robert Stephen