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Southam slides - RBGE visits

  • GB235 CTS
  • Fonds
  • 1960 - 1979

5 boxes of slides, totalling around 400 slides, and an envelope "Botanic Garden Notes" (now in Box 1) of news clippings relating to the opening of the Glasshouses.

Corstorphine Trust

Rhizanthera chevallierana - Ben Lawers

  • GB235 RHI
  • Dossier
  • 1979 - 2013

1 folder containing correspondence, map, 3 photographs and report outlining the discovery of a hybrid orchid, Rhizanthera chevallierana, on Ben Lawers by David Mardon in 1979. The folder was compiled after a search for photographs of the plant taken by Mardon in 1984. Contents include, email correspondence between Clive Stace, Adele Smith and Lorna Mitchell outlining the search for photographs and compilation of the folder (2013), report and notes compiled by David K. Mardon in 1984 outlining his find, map showing where he found it, correpondence between Douglas McKean, [Paddy Woods], R.H. Roberts and David Mardon regarding the identification of the orchid, and three photographs taken by Mardon.

Stace, Clive

Skeleton Leaves

  • GB235 SKE
  • Collection
  • 1854 - 1900

1 folder with the handwritten title "Skeleton Leaves Madeira 1854" - inside are 6 pages on blue folded paper containing skeletonised leaves inserted into cuts in the paper. Leaves include magnolia, ivy, oak, coral or erythrina crista-galli, sword coral, Portugal rose tree, common custard apple, lemon and citron. Who compiled it and wher it came from is currently unknown.
Also in the box are three loose leaves, found in the archives store, origin unknown.

Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh Archives

Photographs attributed to David Sydney Fish

  • GB235 DSF
  • Série organique
  • 1900 - 1906

47 photographs / studies of members of RBGE staff, mainly gardeners / probationer gardeners, some named, but many not.
Names include David Sydney Fish (x2), W. Douglas, Murray, David Wilkie, James D. McKenzie, James Esplin, D.M. Ross, William Ritchie, H.B. Anderson, Andrew R. Cosh, Thomas Sherlock, Douglas Law, William Fernie and Alexander Reid.

Fish, David Sydney

Photographs by George T. Malthouse

  • GB235 GTM
  • Série organique
  • 1890 - 1899

3 photographs taken at RBGE by George T. Malthouse in the 1890s, all showing the transportation of trees around RBGE: Araucaria imbricata, Quercus cerris and Crataegus oxyacantha, all with gardeners around the transporter.

Malthouse, George T.

Flora Buchan Murray's notebook / lecture notes

  • GB235 MFB
  • Pièce
  • 1928 - 1932

black notebook labelled "University Lectures, Techniques and Demonstrations (Edinburgh). Notebook outlines how the RBGE library and herbarium works, the slide library, information on coursework, including writing theses; and lecture outlines for the Medical Botany Class given (by herself?) in 1932. There are 4 inserts including 2 exam papers (Plant Physiology, Practical and Practical Elementary Botany in 1932, an outline of J.R. Matthews's Botany lectures for first years, and a library loan slip.

Murray, Flora Buchan

Letter from Felix Eugen Frisch to Miss Muriel Jenny Hay, 1947

  • GB235 HMJ
  • Pièce
  • 11/11/1947

The letter, dated 11/11/1947, is from Felix Eugen Frisch (1879-1954), who was Professor of Botany at Queen Mary College, University of London between 1924 and 1948. He is writing in response to a parcel sent to him by Miss Muriel J. Hay, Room 39, Dept. of Botany, RBGE, EH4. She was a student at RBGE and obtained a 2nd class, BSc Hons, Botany in July 1948. He criticises the way she packaged up the slide and tubes of material she wanted him to identify, as the slide was completely broken and one of the tubes was cracked, but he was able to identify one of the specimens as Coelosphaerium naegelianum, and asks her to send more as it would repay detailed study.

Frisch, Felix Eugen

Andrew Grierson - correspondence relating to Klasea lasiocephala

  • GB235 AGR
  • Série organique
  • 1972

Three letters and a description relating to the emergence of a new genus after some saussurea-type specimens collected by Siehe were studied and didn't fit into any genus in existence at that time. Correspondence between Andrew Grierson, Charles Jeffrey and Professor Wagenitz, and reference made to Peter Davis. October - November 1972

Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh Herbarium

Scottish Rock Garden Club Archives

  • GB235 SRGC
  • Collection
  • 1933 - ?

6 boxes containing minute books, signature books, papers from various committees including finance, editorial and show, papers from various presidents and secretaries, papers relating to the Scottish Garden Tour, 1991 (6th International Rock Garden Plant Conference), Golden jubilee certificate and logo masters, Alpines Conference 1991, Scottish Horticultural medal, Archival cuttings, Exploration Fund, Jubilee Salver, papers relating to shows and awards, Diamond Jubilee 1993, questionnaires, membership papers, publication files and files on seed distribution.
Two cabinets of 35mm slides comprising 10 drawers full, the Davidson Slide Collection, were also donated in April 2017.
Journal Ephemera box comprises a selection of notices, accounts, show schedules, members lists and the first syllabus relating to the activities of the Scottish Rock Garden Club, dating between 1933 and 1999.

Scottish Rock Garden Club

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