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Collecting Books of David Irvine

  • GB235 IRD
  • Collection
  • 1949 - 1994

3 small notebooks numbered 1-3, and a letter
1:"Herb. Irvine 1"
Collecting Book 1 - Nos 1-862 1949-1965; incl. St Andrews, Bangor, Anglesey, Isle of Man, Eden Estuary, Aberystwyth, Merioneth, Pembrokeshire, Capri (Italy), Brittany (France), Galway, Mayo, Manitoba (Canada), Cape Cod (Massachusetts), Orkney and Voe (Shetland)
2:"Herb.Irvine 2"
Collecting Book 2 - Nos 863-1847 1964-1968; incl. Anglesey, Pembrokeshire, Portsmouth, Dover-Folkestone, Cramond Island, Dunbar, North Berwick, Scilly, Devon and Paignton
3:"Herb.Irvine 3"
Collecting Book 3 - Nos 1848-1940 (Misc Order) 1963-1969 inc. Firth of Forth?
4:letter from Linda M. Irvine which accompanied herbarium consignment, filed in RBGE Archives Accessions folder under RBGEEA2015/23

Irvine, Dr. David E.G.

Collins, Ernest Jacob (1878-1939)

  • GB235 CEJ
  • Collection
  • 1878 - 1939

1 box of general correspondence, photographs, floral diagrams and correspondence between Darlington, Hall and B.L. Burtt about Collin’s material.
1 box of drawings and descriptions of crocus

Collins, Ernest Jacob (1878-1939)

Correspondence from and papers relating to Colonel Henry Halcro Johnston

  • GB235 JHH
  • Collection
  • 1895 - 1992

•1 box of bequest and correspondence, Orkney, 1895-1992
•1 box containing Field/Collection notebooks from the Herbarium at RBGE, includes South Africa and Sierra Leone found amongst the A. Somerville archive, May 2009.

Temporary Numbering and Descriptions as follows:
Box 1 of 2:
• GH235 JHH/1 Correspondence, ms. and typescript, 1895–1939. Correspondents include Isaac Bayley Balfour, W. Edgar Evans, William Wright Smith, Subjects include collecting Orkney botanical specimens (subsequently presented to the Herbarium),the cultivation of various seeds (e.g., Tibetan “Trukchuka” barley, Poa flabellata, Carduus lanceolatus); newspaper cuttings, “The Educational Value of an Herbarium: Colonel Johnston and Nature’s Great Garden,” The Orkney Herald, 1 Sept. 1926; obituary of James Johnston, The Orcadian, 8 Sept. 1932
• GB235 JHH/2 Correspondence and papers, ms. and typescript, 1939–1949, on H.H. Johnston’s bequest of specimens to the Herbarium, including the transfer of his Orkney herbarium from the Orkney Museum to Edinburgh. Correspondents include W. Edgar Evans, Geoffrey Evans, William Wright Smith, and Marie Johnston Steele. Includes obituary of H.H. Johnston (newspaper cutting), letters from various solicitors on the terms of H.H. Johnson’s will and bequest, and excerpt from “Trust Disposition and Settlement by Colonel Henry Halcro Johnston,” bequest to Regius Keeper, RBGE, typescript copy, 15 Jan. 1930.
• GB235 JHH/3 Correspondence, typescript and ms., 1960–1992, on the disposition of H.H. Johnston’s papers and notebooks. Correspondents include Elaine R. Bullard, B.L. [Brian Lawrence] Burtt, H. R. Fletcher, W. Groundwater (Curator, Stromness Museum), Ian Hedge, R.C. Palmer, and Franklyn H. Perring (Botanical Society of the British Isles).
Box 2 of 2
• GB235 JHH/4 Twenty-seven botanical field notebooks, ms.:
3 notebooks: Catalogue /Herbarium/South Africa: 1–434; 438–1455; 1456–1418 and Madagascar 1419–1822.
2 notebooks: Collecting Book/Sierra Leone: 3824–5627; 5648–5936.
22 numbered notebooks (no. 1 missing) of botanical specimens collected in Orkney by H.H. Johnston: Sept. 1914–Sept. 1938.

Johnston, Henry Halcro

Cowan, John MacQueen (1892-1960)

  • GB235 COW
  • Collection
  • 1892 - 1960

5 maps: Baghdad, Resht, Teheran, Tabriz and India and the adjacent countries.
1 box of personal and miscellaneous papers

Cowan, John MacQueen

Cronk, Quentin C. B.

  • GB235 CQC
  • Collection
  • 1995 - 1999

2 boxes containing archives of St Helena, including letters from George Benjamin, notebooks, pictures and correspondence

Cronk, Quentin C. B.

Cryptogamic Society of Scotland (incorporated into the Botanical Society of Edinburgh in 1935)

  • GB235 CSS
  • Collection
  • 1875 - 1937

1 box containing constitution, reports, field reports of the Botanical Society of Edinburgh Cryptogamic SectionCryptogamic Society of Scotland (1875 - 1935) (incorporated into the Botanical Society of Edinburgh in 1935).
1 box containing laws, lists of members, conference reports (1903-1937) and photographs

Cryptogamic Society of Scotland

David Reid Tait papers

  • GB235 DRT
  • Collection
  • 1906 - 1913

Photographs of Christmas Island, letters, and documents relating to Tait's career on Christmas Island, Henderson Island and Las Vegas, 1906-1913

Tait, David Reid

Davidian, Hagop H. Notes on Rhododendrons

  • GB235 DHH
  • Collection
  • 2014

•2 boxes of notes on Rhododendrons
•1 box containing notes on rhododendrons, a copy of an ecological study on the vegetation of Cyprus, first degree notes, a list of plant explorations in Western China, Lothian Plant collecting field notes, a survey of the flowering plants and their distribution in the Lothians, and a personal letter

Davidian, Hagop H.

Douglas Mackay Henderson Collection

  • GB235 HDM
  • Collection
  • 1927 - 2007

•Henderson’s annotated copy of ‘Lost of British Uredinales’ by M. Wilson and G.R. Bisby, 1954
•Box of papers regarding conferences, foreign trips and reports, 1957-78
•Box of papers regarding conferences and foreign trips, 1980-81
•Box of specific correspondence
•Box of general correspondence
•Box of minutes, meetings and agendas
•Box of papers regarding PhD students, thesis and references
•1 file of miscellaneous correspondence between Henderson and Peter F. Stevens and Dr. Geoff N. Greenhalgh (1972-73)
•Framed photographs of the Royal Botanic Garden in the late 19th century by C. Piazza [Piazzi] Smyth, presented to Henderson on his retirement as Curator of the Royal Society of Edinburgh and Regius Keeper, Royal Botanic Garden. September 1987.
•Box donated by Henderson’s family containing a thesis on ‘Observations on the Comparative Anatomy, Life History and Host Relationships of Sclerotinia Tberosa (Fr.) Fuckel’, H.B. Gjaerum correspondence, notes for a talk on the ‘History of Scottish Cryptographic Botany’, and research notes on Omphalina.
•Box donated by Henderson’s family containing research on John Hutton Balfour’s ‘Battle of Glen Tilt’, a collection of obituaries, folders of Gairloch, Inverewe, Brodie and Roxburgh, research including notes and publication relating to Wm. Roxburgh, folder of West Ross Flora, and annotated checklist of the flora of West Ross.

Henderson, Douglas Mackay

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