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University of Edinburgh Class Lists

  • GB235 TEMPClassLists
  • Series
  • 1798 - 1909

The lists consist of a series of registers, lists and indices relating to the Edinburgh University Botany and Practical Botany classes held at RBGE.

Class Lists:
CL/01: Class Lists 1798-1803
CL/02: Class Lists 1804-1813
CL/03: Class Lists 1814-1819
CL/04: Class Lists 1820-1837
CL/05: Class List 1840-1853 [JHB’s register, includes Glasgow lists]
CL/06: Class List 1854-1871
CL/07: Class Roll 1872-1878 University of Edinburgh botanical class
CL/08: Class Roll 1879-1880
CL/09: Class Lists 1881-1884 Botany
CL/10: Class Lists 1885-1887
CL/11: Class Lists 1888-1897
CL/12: Class Lists 1898-1909 Elementary botany
CL/13: Class Lists 1908-1910
CL/14: Class Lists 1909-1914 Elementary botany
CL/15: Class Lists 1915-1919 Elementary botany
Class Registers:
CR/01: Class Register 1831-1842
CR/02: Class Register 1841-1853
CR/03: Class Register 1854-1868
CR/04: Class Register 1869-1877
Class Indices:
CI/01: Class Index 1846-1868 alphabetical
CI/02: Class Index 1869-1878
CI/03: Class Index 1879-1887
Practical Botany:
PB/1: Class Lists 1854-1875 Practical botany and vegetable histology
PB/2: Class Lists 1876-1878 vegetable histology
PB/3: Class Lists 1880-1887 vegetable histology and practical botany
PB/4: Class Lists 1888-1898 practical botany
PB/5: Class Lists 1898-1909 practical botany
Other Registers:
PH/1: Class Lists, examination results and honours 1870-1896

University of Edinburgh

Selbourne Society (1885 – 1939)

  • GB235 SES
  • Item
  • 1913 - 1914

•Two newspaper cuttings, 3 Mar 1913 & 4 Jan 1914, (Isaac Bayley Balfour was a member)

Selbourne Society

Robert Galloway Correspondence

  • GB235 GAL
  • File
  • 1870 - 1930

Galloway, Robert (Secretary to Royal Scottish Arboricultural Society) Correspondence filed in “Balfour, I. Bayley” papers under “Arboricultural Society”

Galloway, Robert

Primula papers

  • GB235 PRI
  • Collection
  • 1886 - 1928

•Box containing miscellaneous notes and papers (Source: Balfour, Smith and Fletcher Reference Collection)
•Box containing bound Reference Books (Source: Balfour, Smith and Fletcher Reference Collection)
•Box containing British Reprints (Source: Balfour, Smith and Fletcher Reference Collection)
•Box containing Foreign Reprints – ‘A-Q’ (Source: Balfour, Smith and Fletcher Reference Collection)
•Box containing Foreign Reprints – ‘R-Z’ (Source: Balfour, Smith and Fletcher Reference Collection)
•Box containing Primula Conference Reports: 1886, 1913 and 1928 (Source: Balfour, Smith and Fletcher Reference Collection)
•Box containing ‘The Genus Primula Gardener’s Chronicle’ (1928)
•Box containing ‘The Genus Primula’ – Typescript Papers: ‘A-E’
•Box containing ‘The Genus Primula’ – Typescript Papers: ‘F-N’
•Box containing ‘The Genus Primula’ – Typescript Papers: ‘O-Z’
•Box containing miscellaneous photographs
•Box containing a bound collection of photographs with an index
•Box containing miscellaneous photographs – Sherriff reprints by R. Adam and the Royal Horticultural Society. Etc.
•Box containing misc photographs – reprints by R.M. Adam and photos by R. Eudall
Primula/ Ludlow
•Collection of books, papers, reprints, Photographs, etc. on PRIMULA; apparently used, and added to, in succession by I.B. Balfour, W.W. Smith & H.R. Fletcher, is filed in boxes under “Primula” in Main Index
•Papers/reprints include material by I.B. Balfour, W.G. Craib, A Ernst, G. Forest, R. Farrer, Ludlow & Sherriff (photographs), J. McWatt, W.W. Smith, F. Kingdon Ward, G. Watt, Per Wendlebo, et al.

Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (Creator)

Patrick Neill Fraser papers

  • GB235 FPN
  • Collection
  • 1871 - 1905

•5 Handwritten letters to Isaac Bayley Balfour (1895-6)
•Handwritten letter from “Matthew B. Slater” dated April 12, 1896, to (Geo.) Stabler - regarding the publication of Dr Spruce’s final paper, “A supplement to Hepaticae of Andes and Amazon”.
•Handwritten list of Plants presented to RBGE by P. Neill Fraser 1820 – 1894.
•Handwritten list of Plants
•2 typed letters from I. Bayley Balfour to P. Neill Fraser dated Dec. 5, 1895 & Mar. 30, 1896 - including one where Fraser intends going to Jamaica to collect and would like duplicates as comparators; IBB regrets that many of the herbarium ferns had to be destroyed in 1888 due to insect damage but will provide duplicates of ones held in the herbarium. Enclose introduction to head of plantations and gardens in Jamaica.
•Correspondence, dated Mar/Apr 1905, between I. Bayley Balfour & Cairns, McIntosh & Morton, Fraser's executors, regarding the dispersal of Fraser's collections, botanical effects and books.
•Miscellaneous references - may include Correspondence relating to plants given to RBGE that were gathered between 1874-1890 from the Canaries, Azores, South America, Turkistan, South Africa and the West Indies.
•23 letters to Capt. Henderson dated between 1875 &1881 Re: Ferns filed under “Henderson, F”. Also postcard from Fraser to Major Henderson, Chichester, dated April 17, 1879 regarding a lady correspondent in Sandwich Isles [Hawaii] who sends plants and hopes to have some in return.
•M/S Notebook inscribed ”P. Neill Fraser, Canonmills Lodge, Edinburgh, Feb *, 1856” on inside fly-leaf, Containing notes and references to plants, books, indices (mainly ferns), etc. is filed with “Watt, Sir George” papers with which it had been previously included
•2 catalogues of “Exotic Ferns” Grown by P. Neill Fraser, Canonmills Lodge, Edinburgh dated Oct 1. 1871 & April 10, 1875 listing the available ferns from Canonmills Lodge, Edinburgh.
•Copy of handwritten letter from Richard Spruce to Prof. Balfour, dated 24 Aug 1892 (original with “Spruce, R”)

Fraser, Patrick Neill

Murie, John

  • GB235 MUR
  • File
  • 2015

Murie, John/ I. B. Balfour
•Correspondence filed under “Linnean Society”

Murie, John

Lindley, John

  • GB235 LIN
  • Item
  • 1832 - 1903

• Letter to Dr. Robert Wright regarding Orchids, dated 8 Sep.1832
•Copy of a typed letter [for I.B.B] from Dr. Masters, regarding having a memoir of Lindley prefacing one of ‘their’ volumes of the Annals of Botany (21 Jun 1903)

Lindley, John

Kerr, John Graham

  • GB235 KJG
  • Item
  • 1869 - 1957

•Pilcomayo River Expedition. Letters dated 1889 -1890 to I.B. Balfour filed with I.B. Balfour correspondence under “Kerr, J.G.” Index page 97.

Kerr, John Graham

Godwin-Austen, Henry Haversham

  • GB235 GAH
  • Item
  • 1921

Photocopy of the article ‘The Ascent of Mount Everest' by Col. Godwin-Austin ’
reprinted form the “Surrey Advertiser” January, 22nd, 1921. Sent to Prof. Bayley Balfour with the author’s best wishes, Feb. 8, 1921

Austen, Henry Haversham Godwin-

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