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James Groves Correspondence

  • GB235 GHJ
  • Bestanddeel
  • 1855 - 1933

•Copy of letter to F.M. Webb, 4th of December 1876
•Correspondence from James Groves re: Henry Groves dated 1922 with Sir George Watt filed under “Watt, Sir. George” papers

Groves, James

Patrick Neill Fraser papers

  • GB235 FPN
  • Collectie
  • 1871 - 1905

•5 Handwritten letters to Isaac Bayley Balfour (1895-6)
•Handwritten letter from “Matthew B. Slater” dated April 12, 1896, to (Geo.) Stabler - regarding the publication of Dr Spruce’s final paper, “A supplement to Hepaticae of Andes and Amazon”.
•Handwritten list of Plants presented to RBGE by P. Neill Fraser 1820 – 1894.
•Handwritten list of Plants
•2 typed letters from I. Bayley Balfour to P. Neill Fraser dated Dec. 5, 1895 & Mar. 30, 1896 - including one where Fraser intends going to Jamaica to collect and would like duplicates as comparators; IBB regrets that many of the herbarium ferns had to be destroyed in 1888 due to insect damage but will provide duplicates of ones held in the herbarium. Enclose introduction to head of plantations and gardens in Jamaica.
•Correspondence, dated Mar/Apr 1905, between I. Bayley Balfour & Cairns, McIntosh & Morton, Fraser's executors, regarding the dispersal of Fraser's collections, botanical effects and books.
•Miscellaneous references - may include Correspondence relating to plants given to RBGE that were gathered between 1874-1890 from the Canaries, Azores, South America, Turkistan, South Africa and the West Indies.
•23 letters to Capt. Henderson dated between 1875 &1881 Re: Ferns filed under “Henderson, F”. Also postcard from Fraser to Major Henderson, Chichester, dated April 17, 1879 regarding a lady correspondent in Sandwich Isles [Hawaii] who sends plants and hopes to have some in return.
•M/S Notebook inscribed ”P. Neill Fraser, Canonmills Lodge, Edinburgh, Feb *, 1856” on inside fly-leaf, Containing notes and references to plants, books, indices (mainly ferns), etc. is filed with “Watt, Sir George” papers with which it had been previously included
•2 catalogues of “Exotic Ferns” Grown by P. Neill Fraser, Canonmills Lodge, Edinburgh dated Oct 1. 1871 & April 10, 1875 listing the available ferns from Canonmills Lodge, Edinburgh.
•Copy of handwritten letter from Richard Spruce to Prof. Balfour, dated 24 Aug 1892 (original with “Spruce, R”)

Fraser, Patrick Neill