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Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

  • GB235 RBG
  • Collection
  • 1670 - 2015

•Draft copy of an article titled ‘The New Plant Houses at the Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh’ (stored in the ‘R’ box)
•History and development of the garden
•Accounts, 1764-1876 (incomplete)
•Staff Records (incomplete)
•Trainee Gardener records (1889-1935)
•Papers relating to regional gardens – Dawyck, Benmore and Logan
•Plant flowering records
•Plant records

Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (Creator)

Papers relating to Sir Andrew Balfour

  • GB235 BAL
  • Collection
  • 1691 - 1872

• GB235 BAL/1 Folder: "Misc. Papers"; including:
Typescripts of extracts from various sources, including
copy Biography of Andrew Balfour by Patrick Neill;
Early Days of the Royal College of Physicians by Peel Ritchie, Edinburgh;
Some Passages from the Life and Death of the Earl of Rochester by Gilbert Burnett (pp4-6);
Balfour's notice in Anderson's Scottish Nation;
marriage and death notices, from Mr John Lamont’s Diary;
auctions of books belonging to Sir Andrew and his brother, Sir James, the Edinburgh Gazette, 1699;
Extracts from Foulis of Ravelston’s Account Book, 1671–1707.
• GB235 BAL/2 Folder:
Ms. copy of extracts from Memoria Balfouriana (and English translations);
transcript of letter from Robert Sibbald regarding the Memoria Balfouriana, 1699;
“Pharmacy in Edinburgh in the Olden Time,” by James Mackenzie, The Pharmaceutical Journal and Transactions, (1871-1872), Vol.11, pp.444-469, typescript;
founding of the Edinburgh Botanic Garden, from Robert Sibbald’s autobiography, pp.20-22, typescript photocopy.

Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (Creator)

Granny (Sea Anemone) 1828 - 1887

  • GB235 GRY
  • File
  • 1828 - 1887

Granny (Sea Anemone) 1828 - 1887
Life History & associated papers filed with “Royal Botanic Garden” “Edinburgh” papers (boxes in general index)

Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (Creator)

Primula papers

  • GB235 PRI
  • Collection
  • 1886 - 1928

•Box containing miscellaneous notes and papers (Source: Balfour, Smith and Fletcher Reference Collection)
•Box containing bound Reference Books (Source: Balfour, Smith and Fletcher Reference Collection)
•Box containing British Reprints (Source: Balfour, Smith and Fletcher Reference Collection)
•Box containing Foreign Reprints – ‘A-Q’ (Source: Balfour, Smith and Fletcher Reference Collection)
•Box containing Foreign Reprints – ‘R-Z’ (Source: Balfour, Smith and Fletcher Reference Collection)
•Box containing Primula Conference Reports: 1886, 1913 and 1928 (Source: Balfour, Smith and Fletcher Reference Collection)
•Box containing ‘The Genus Primula Gardener’s Chronicle’ (1928)
•Box containing ‘The Genus Primula’ – Typescript Papers: ‘A-E’
•Box containing ‘The Genus Primula’ – Typescript Papers: ‘F-N’
•Box containing ‘The Genus Primula’ – Typescript Papers: ‘O-Z’
•Box containing miscellaneous photographs
•Box containing a bound collection of photographs with an index
•Box containing miscellaneous photographs – Sherriff reprints by R. Adam and the Royal Horticultural Society. Etc.
•Box containing misc photographs – reprints by R.M. Adam and photos by R. Eudall
Primula/ Ludlow
•Collection of books, papers, reprints, Photographs, etc. on PRIMULA; apparently used, and added to, in succession by I.B. Balfour, W.W. Smith & H.R. Fletcher, is filed in boxes under “Primula” in Main Index
•Papers/reprints include material by I.B. Balfour, W.G. Craib, A Ernst, G. Forest, R. Farrer, Ludlow & Sherriff (photographs), J. McWatt, W.W. Smith, F. Kingdon Ward, G. Watt, Per Wendlebo, et al.

Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (Creator)

RBGE Plant Phenology Records

  • GB235 PPR
  • Collection
  • 1899 - 1939

Series of notebooks recording the flowering times (phenology) of certain plants grown at RBGE

Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (Creator)

George Forrest Collection

  • GB235 FRG
  • Collection
  • 1902 - ?

FRG/1 Correspondence
• 1: Box of Forrest correspondence, 1903-08 (Clementina, I.B. Balfour, Bulley, Family), Forrest related correspondence, copies of his birth and marriage certificates, transcripts of his diary 1904-05, ‘Account of a Journey on the Upper Salwin, October to December 1905’, copy of the article ‘Land of the Crossbow, March 9th 1906’ from the National Geographic Magazine, (carbon copy, original version is in the red notebook under letter 3, filed in
the same box)
• 2: Box of Forrest correspondence, 1909-1911 – correspondence regarding his Yunnan expedition in 1910, and with I.B. Balfour and correspondence relating to Forrest.
• 3a: Box of Forrest correspondence with J.C. Williams 1911-1912, regarding his third expedition (February 1912-March 1915)
• 3b: Box of Forrest correspondence with J.C. Williams and I.B. Balfour, 1913-14 regarding his third expedition (February 1912- March 1915)
• 3c: Box of Forrest correspondence from 1915 regarding his third expedition (February 1912- March 1915)
• 4a: Box of Forrest correspondence from 1917-1920 regarding his fourth expedition (February 1917-March 1920)
• 4b: Box of Forrest correspondence, including I.B. Balfour and William Wright Smith, 1916-1920, regarding his fourth expedition (February 1917-March 1920)
• 5: Box of Forrest correspondence from June 1920-April 1923 regarding his fifth expedition (January 1921-March 1923)
• 6: Box of Forrest correspondence from 1922-28
• 7: Box of Forrest correspondence from 1929-1932, plus obituaries, etc.
FRG/2 Photographs
FRG/2/1 Prints:
• File of photographs marked ‘Forrest, Collectors, Human, etc.’
• File of photographs marked ‘Buildings, Temple, Graves, Towns, etc.’
• File of photographs marked ‘Mountain, Water, Bridge’
• File of photographs marked ‘Plants A-L’
• File of photographs marked ‘Plants M-Prim-’
• File of photographs marked ‘Plants Py-Z and misc.’
FRG/2/2 Glass Plate Negative Collection
FRG/3 Published work
• copy of the article ‘Land of the Crossbow’, from the National Geographic Magazine
FRG/4 Field Books
FRG/4/1 Unpublished Field Books:
• George Forrest’s field books – 27 original field books dating from 1904 to 1932
FRG/4/2 Published Field Books:
FRG/5 RBGE’s Notes relating to Forrest’s plants
• 16 folders in 15 boxes of RBGE’s plant collection notes arranged alphabetically by genus
• Three boxes of Rhododendron notes written and sent by Isaac Bayley Balfour and William Wright Smith c.1919,1921 and 1922 and Primula lists c.1914,1921 and 1922
FRG/6 Forrest’s lecture notes
• Box of lecture notes and lists of slides
• Box containing photo related lists, 1913-24 and lecture notes
FRG/7 Forrest’s collection of papers (unsorted at present)
FRG/8 maps
• Various maps of Forrest’s Botanical expeditions
• File containing maps from 1918-1922, some annotated and some hand drawn
FRG/9 - collection of work about Forrest by others, includes
• Box containing Cowan’s research from 1934 and information regarding Forrest Centenary in 1973
• Various articles referring to Forrest
• Various newspaper articles which mention George Forrest
FRG/10 RBGE Forrest ephemera – collection of objects used by / related to George Forrest
• Camera similar to one used by Forrest

Forrest, George

Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh Laboratory Notes

  • GB235 RBGS
  • Item
  • 1941 - 1959

The book contains numbered sessions of creating microscope slides. The plant subject is listed along with the process used to create the slides and, in many cases, the slides' recipients. According to RBGE microscopist F. Christie, looking at the notes it appears to be plant fixation and histology prior to the preparation of microscope slides for light microscopy. Each part of the plant would need to be treated differently according to how easy it was to slice. The notes refer to the whole process of preparing the slides so for example, some of the samples didn’t cut very well first time but when soaked overnight produced better sections. This information would have saved a lot of experimentation in the future if the process was to be repeated.
The book was thought to By Matthew Young Orr's but his dates at RBGE do not match up with the dates of staff receiving the slides: John Anthony, Jimmy Keenan, Mr Roberts, Dr Blyth, Douglas Henderson, John Macqueen Cowan, Mr Lyle, P. Davies (Peter Davis?), Alexander Nelson, Dr Burns, Mr Green (Peter Green?), B.L. Burtt and Andrew Grierson. The book may have been created by Orr? But perhaps more likey Heather Prentice, Ella Stott, Willie Dickson or Archie McLeod?
The book was an unused 1941 diary.

Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (Creator)

Flora of China

  • GB235 FOC
  • Collection
  • 1990 - 2013

•1 box of general correspondence from 1990-92
•1 box of general correspondence from 1993
•2 folders of information regarding the Society of Flora of China’s Joint Editorial Meeting, Edinburgh, April 1995
•Signed posters from 1995 and final 2013 meeting, with photographs relating to the latter.

Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (Creator)

Items relating to the Botanic Ash Exhibition 1993

  • GB235 ASH
  • Series
  • 1992 - 1993

GB235/ASH/1/1-16: 1 box of 16 mounted photographs showing the felling of the Ash tree in 1992; and
GB235 ASH/2: part of one of the tree limbs sliced into sections by Tim Stead to show the damage done internally by fungus; tree limb sections can be arranged to form an artistic sculpture.

Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (Creator)